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  1. PeacefulIndian

    Jinnah VS A.Kalam Azad

    Actually, there is nothing 'Epic, just Epic' about the response. The response is filled with arrogance, utter lack of knowledge, blanket statements, utter disrespect for other religions and ultimately shows a complete lack of intellectual. #1. You have completely forfeited the confidence of...
  2. PeacefulIndian

    India bigger threat to Pak than US: Hafiz Saeed

    Hafiz Saeed and A drone strike here instead of FATA would have resolved half of Pakistan's problem.
  3. PeacefulIndian

    Mehsud’s Deputy Confirms Receiving Payment From India to Kill Colonel Imam

    How the hell did India, the 'ultimate Muslim oppressor', manage to pay hardcore Islamist Taliban, use them against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and get rid of a Muslim army operative, that too from bases in Islamic country of Afghanistan? Is it an irony or may be I am missing something?
  4. PeacefulIndian

    Imran Khan: If elected, we’ll create an Islamic welfare state

    I am still struggling to find out what new vision he has. True Islamic welfare state? OK, fine. Wasn't Pakistan always supposed to be that from Day 1? And that doesn't seem to have worked very well since. So again, what is the vision? Exactly what actions will make Pakistan that, and how they...
  5. PeacefulIndian

    US provided USD 1.1 billion to Pakistan in 2011: White House

    None of the proposed $35bn have been invested as of now. The deal was signed exactly an year ago.
  6. PeacefulIndian

    American attack aftermath: Pakistan declares attack a 'plot'

    It is crystal clear that whoever carried out the attacks knew exactly what they were doing. I have closely followed the US air strike procedures. ANY requested air strike has to be authorized by several levels of military command. While the authorizations are being sought the coordinates of...
  7. PeacefulIndian

    India’s third blunder in fugitive list given to Pakistan

    And whats more amusing, there is no 'shahed billal' on the list :lol:
  8. PeacefulIndian

    Pak-China friendship on the rise

    As they say, rightfully, paranoia has no cure.
  9. PeacefulIndian

    IMF considers Pakistan economic teams deceitful, liars

    Even with this didn't IMF agree to give that 'Letter of comfort' to Pakistan to clear their way for KL bill money and other sources? I am hearing Pakistan will get that letter.
  10. PeacefulIndian

    The myth of Pakistan’s infinite gas reserves

    The myth of Pakistan’s infinite gas reserves The myth of Pakistan And most likely the coal gasification project that is supposed to produce 50 GW electricity will end up in such an article next year.
  11. PeacefulIndian

    Chinese and Pakistan Signal the Rest of the World

    It's really China signalling the world with Pakistan having to tow the line and without adding any value to the influence that China already has.
  12. PeacefulIndian

    .Pakistan's GDP has grown to $165bn

    I don't know about most of Indians, but I have heard from many of my Pakistani friends that end of WoT is actually a nightmare for current Pakistani govt considering the debt servicing they need to do without aid. I for one vote for continuation of WoT for an entirely different issue...
  13. PeacefulIndian

    China Economy Forum

    And I have a beach front palace in Bahamas for sale.
  14. PeacefulIndian

    China Economy Forum

    Tell me thats not a joke. Least developed countries, all combined, are not going to increase the imports to China even by $1 billion. Anyway, do we know what countries are included & what goods will be imported?
  15. PeacefulIndian

    Pakistan to get US$2billion worth of oil from Kuwait

    Which means Kuwait rejected the plea for the free oil. http://www.defence.pk/forums/current-events-social-issues/95519-pakistan-seek-free-oil-kuwait.html And oil from Kuwait to Pakistan on deferred payments is nothing new, it has been going on since last 3(?) years. What is the deferred...
  16. PeacefulIndian

    Pakistan's minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatti assassinated

    Hadn't he received death threats for his stance on Gojra violence? A catholic himself, he was standing by the victims & was pushing for justice. May be that's what did him in. Anyway god bless his soul & let there be peace.
  17. PeacefulIndian

    The Kashmiri fighters who lost their cause - BBC

    I am all for giving 'moral support', 'moral training', 'moral ammunition' etc to these freedom fighters who are striving for Azadi. Who, besides India, will listen to their call & liberate them from the clutches of brutal occupation? When are we sending our first moral batch in?
  18. PeacefulIndian

    Raymond Davis Case: American Government officials confirm CIA status - New York Times

    Sorry if a repost - but this is an interesting development for me. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/22/world/asia/22pakistan.html If RD was indeed spying on LeT, then probably it explains Pakistan's anguish over it since probably this is the first time US was doing something directly in...
  19. PeacefulIndian

    World Bank holds back its report on Pakistan poverty situation

    But you at least expect them to not go to world bank in agony & ask not to publish the report. I posted this since I found it interesting that countless numbers of Pakistani analysts here flaunted WB's previous report (that highlighted decreased poverty) to try & convince themselves that...
  20. PeacefulIndian

    World Bank holds back its report on Pakistan poverty situation

    - World Bank holds back its report on Pakistan poverty situation

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