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    Stain of torture policy persists after 20 years

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    Shibli Border Surveillance System.

    Overview The art of national border surveillance is one which comes with a variety of terrains and climatic conditions and the ability to meet the specific security requirements of these individual circumstances. Nations have previously relied on guards posted all along the country’s border for...
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    Pakistan Defence Day Programs

    live in phew minates
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    mohsin dawar creates a new political party NDM

    post withdrawal and no more daal coming from kabul. one has to be optimistic and look for new ways to survive. PDM/NDM what next?
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    Aid to Pakistan cannot be justified when it gleefully supports the Taliban

    yep a coward, how much money from Pakistan ends up in Britain illegally?
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    Total Tally of Taliban's New Arsenal!

    Doesn't account for the Bio-metric data that was captured along with the devices.
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    A quick reaction force in India could prevent the worst of Taliban

    A quick reaction force in India could prevent the worst of Taliban rule in Afghanistan BY REP. MARK GREEN (R-TENN.), OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — 08/17/21 02:00 PM EDT The images coming out of Afghanistan are devastating. As someone who served in Afghanistan — watching Afghans clinging to planes...
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    Now do you believe us now Doval? (-007 doogling from 2013)

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    The Taliban Have Seized U.S. Military Biometrics Devices

    The devices, known as HIIDE, for Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment, were seized last week during the Taliban’s offensive, according to a Joint Special Operations Command official and three former U.S. military personnel, all of whom worried that sensitive data they contain could...
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    Lahore deforestation under pmln.

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    india's nawaz sharif. انڈیا کا نواز شریف

    ahhh......What can I say? anyone from party want to entertain this?
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    UK Teacher discusses the LGBT agenda

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    PMLN Working For International Players

    After meeting #$%&* sharif the afghani bc gave an interview in UK and barked word for word what #$%&* sharif says against its own Nations institution word by word. ponder on that. Then the league b####n c####hi doesn't end there the botox harlot goes a step further to tweet a fake video to...

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