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  1. LiberalAtheist

    Pakistan says ready to repair ties w/ India

    Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced this week that backdoor diplomacy is back on track with India, signaling the new government’s commitment to forge a relationship with its neighbor and historic rival after recent bumpy months. Prime Minister Sharif shared recent steps...
  2. LiberalAtheist


    Who loves ya, baby? If you’re the United States of America, the answer is fewer and fewer people around the world. In Britain, France, Germany and nearly a dozen other prominent nations, the percentage of people with a favorable view of the United States has declined over the last decade...
  3. LiberalAtheist

    Russia holds biggest war games since cold war

    MOSCOW (AP) — President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday watched Russia's biggest military maneuvers since Soviet times, involving 160,000 troops and about 5,000 tanks across Siberia and the far eastern region in a massive show of the nation's resurgent military might. Dozens of Russia's Pacific...
  4. LiberalAtheist

    US navy completes first UAV carrier based landing

    ABOARD THE USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (AP) — The Navy successfully landed a drone the size of a fighter jet aboard an aircraft carrier for the first time Wednesday, showcasing the military's capability to have a computer program perform one of the most difficult tasks that a pilot is asked to...
  5. LiberalAtheist

    Backwards Chinese folktale resulting in poaching of Indian One horn Rhinos

    KAZIRANGA, India (AP) — Out of the early morning mists and tall grass of northeast India emerges a massive creature with a dinosaur-like face, having survived millions of years despite a curse — literally on its head. As elephant-borne riders approach, the formidable hulk sniffs the...
  6. LiberalAtheist

    Will Afghanistan be the next South Vietnam?

    hello there i'd like to start a discussion on this topic, once US forces leave Afghanistan will it be able to stand strong as a nation or will it meet the same fate as South vietnam did once when US forces pulled out?
  7. LiberalAtheist

    Ordinance to protect Kashmir's Hindu temples being readied

    Jammu, April 19 — The Jammu and Kashmir government is all set to issue an ordinance to protect Hindu temples in the Kashmir Valley, a demand that Kashmiri Pandit migrants had been raising since their migration from Kashmir in the 1990s, according to official sources here. :agree: The...
  8. LiberalAtheist

    (for south asians mainly) did any of this happen to you?

    if any of you guys have conservative south asian parents then you know how difficult life can be especially living in a western mindset and having a western mentality reflecting back on my teenage years did any of you guys find it difficult to have a life? i mean seriously my parents would not...
  9. LiberalAtheist

    Pakistan upbeat on trade with India

    Pakistan's finance minister on Wednesday voiced optimism about trade with India, saying that he saw popular support for building ties with the historic foe and benefiting from its "dynamic" economy. India and Pakistan, which have fought three full-fledged wars since independence in 1947...
  10. LiberalAtheist

    Butter Chicken the ingredient to a real dirty bomb

    Last night we were celebrating my cousins ring ceremony and had a party i got drunk of my a$$ taking many shots of Vodka to the point of where the bartender refused to give me more.... after doing Bangra for several hours i had the honor of indulging myself into some delicious and very spicy...
  11. LiberalAtheist

    creation of a PDF hall of fame?

    hi just suggesting you guys (admins) should create a hall of fame thread for members based on their contributions to the forum with only Admins being able to post in it
  12. LiberalAtheist

    Lack of trainers makes IAF pilot shortage acute

    Confronting problems of obsolete fighter jets as highlighted by army chief Gen VK Singh, the Indian Air Force is now also facing shortage of pilots for want of training facilities. While the government is finalising a multi-billion dollar deal for procuring 126 fighter aircraft, Parliament’s...
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  14. LiberalAtheist

    decorated Kargil pilot remembered

    from livefist I received this tribute to Group Captain Perumal Alagaraja, who was decorated for flying operations in the 1999 Kargil War. The officer passed away in January this year of a heart attack. This is by the officer's friend, Radharamanan: Group Capt Perumal Alagaraja passed away...
  15. LiberalAtheist

    Indian poverty levels fall to 29.8%

    India's poverty levels have declined by more than seven percentage points in five years, according to government data released on Monday, but the country's north-east has become more impoverished. The figures from the influential Planning Commission used new household consumer expenditure...
  16. LiberalAtheist

    30 years ago today we lost one of the greatest.

    ​The 1980s did not start well for Ozzy Osbourne. After being kicked out of Black Sabbath, the Prince of Darkness holed up in an L.A. hotel room, planning to remain as drunk as possible until his money ran out, and then probably move back to England to work as a laborer. He met future wife...
  17. LiberalAtheist

    Army modernisation slow Navy & Air Force push ahead

    After cost inflation, this year's allocation will buy significantly less than last year's Ajai Shukla / New Delhi Mar 18, 2012, 00:40 IST The defence budget for 2012-13, presented in Parliament on Friday, confirms the Indian Army’s degeneration into a low technology, manpower-intensive...
  18. LiberalAtheist

    Sino-India joint Army drill ruled out this year

    The next edition of the Sino-Indian joint military exercises is unlikely to take place this year as well. India and China have so far held two rounds of joint military exercises in 2007 and 2008. But in the three succeeding years after that, there were no joint exercises. “Any scheduling in 2012...
  19. LiberalAtheist

    IAF airlifts 200 stranded passengers from Jammu

    Jammu, Mar 14 (PTI) Indian Air Force (IAF) today airlifted 200 Kargil-bound stranded passengers from Jammu Airport to Leh in Ladakh region of the state, a defence official said. Altogether 425 passengers on way to Kargil were stranded in Jammu as the Zojilla Pass connecting Leh with Srinagar...
  20. LiberalAtheist

    Eyeing China, India to enter ICBM club in 3 months

    NEW DELHI: The countdown has begun. Within three months, India will gatecrash the super-exclusive ICBM (inter-continental ballistic missile) club, largely the preserve of countries like the US, Russia and China that brandish long-range strategic missiles with strike ranges well beyond 5,500 km...

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