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  1. Interceptor

    A tribute to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

    @syedali73 How does Bhutto participating in an election AGAINST Ayub imply he was preventing Fatima Jinnah. The fact that you believe Bhutto who had nothing to do with basic democratic crap have any stake in Ayub's decision mechanism to hold office its ridicules to even consider that he would be...
  2. Interceptor

    A tribute to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

    You mentioned Bhutto breaking east Pakistan lets start with that. Where do you get your facts from he wasnt in power he was living in US and was called back to Pakistan after the blunder our military establishment put Pakistan in. Bhutto wasnt telling his troops to rape our east Pakistani...
  3. Interceptor

    A tribute to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

    Exellent Analysis where do you get your facts from... "To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable." Jhon Milton
  4. Interceptor

    PPP ~ Development projects and modernisation of Sindh

    Thats why pakistan wasnt able to conduct nuclear tests in 1998 missle range tests and major rebuilds of airframes etc? The people who support this party are the builders of pakistan and its defenders, what you take for granted sleeping they gave with their blood a constitution that has been...
  5. Interceptor

    ISI cultivated Taliban to counter Indian action against Pakistan: Musharraf

    Why mingle mud on the current CoAS him and musharraf cant be compared they are polar opposites, Raheel Sharif is committed to his duties to protect Pakistan and the interest of his executives in charge the other (musharraf) undermined his duties and looked for riches and power subjugated his...
  6. Interceptor

    Explosive: EX-ISI Chief Durrani Aljazeera Interview abt Pak Military, OBL & Policy

    See this ugly mug he was an exemplary general mullah right at the top did some rather extreme things public lashing of political prisoners not to mention hanging of a sitting PM. Creating using feeding the so called jihad all of his handy work and of course so much credit to go around countless...
  7. Interceptor

    Pakistan Civil Aviation | Information & News.

    Quite dark times for PIA being leashed away by scum bag Air blue.
  8. Interceptor

    PMLN vision 2018

    On the left is Nawaz sharif and on his right Shabaz Sharif sharing the stick.
  9. Interceptor

    Pakistan ranks fourth in world as IT service provider to overseas clients

    hmm I would take nation.pk news with pinch of salt their more of tabloid than a newspaper.
  10. Interceptor

    Imran Khan faces wrath of protesting parents as he arrives at APS

    Your the dumb *** following a taliban sympathizer. He never condemned taliban go find me one quoted line from IK that he said "I CONDEMN THE TALIBAN" after APS attack use google with you hearts content. 1: is nonsense careful what you bark Pakistan never created that group it came into...
  11. Interceptor

    Imran Khan faces wrath of protesting parents as he arrives at APS

    LOL protesters? They are the grieving parents of a 150 children they arent protesters or hooligans that IK breeds for his sit downs its shameful he cant even condemn Taliban even after this tragedy scum bag. He came there for a photo shoot not to answer the cries of those who lost their children...
  12. Interceptor

    Salman Taseer’s commemoration attacked in Lahore

    Not law makers the father of satanic hordes that run Taliban gave his blessing General Zia. You can "fix" a law perhaps but can you "fix" the mind set that drives its urges not that easily why would a sitting government want to experiment with loonies it was hard enough for them to convince the...
  13. Interceptor

    I've married Reham Khan, says Imran Khan

    Well im sure she will tell you how much of pakistani she is :). I dont think you realize she is more british than pakistani its where she been brought up like me im considered oversees pakistani not even the same bracket Euro trash its not an insult its not like he picked an actual pakistani...
  14. Interceptor

    I've married Reham Khan, says Imran Khan

    Were there no women in pakisan for him to marry, he seems more happy with EURO trash...
  15. Interceptor

    PTI and PPP opposing Military courts

    I havent read the above article but just for clarification, reason why political parties are apprehensive is because military courts trying civilian cases like non-combatants helping terrorist example... is extra constitutional Zia the spawn of satan did this against his political enemies "PPP"...
  16. Interceptor

    Iran Builds World's First Missile-Evading Drone

    See this baby it too has missle evading technology its key ingredients it explodes on impact with surface fool proof it comes in two flavours nuclear or HE.
  17. Interceptor

    UK reviews Falklands defence as Russia offers Su-24s to Argentina

    The Falklands are at the mercy of Argentina if they go to war tomorrow with all the troop reductions that took place and the incomplete navy(No active carrier at the moment I mean), no sane PM would order another expedition unless Margaret Thatcher rose from her grave and gave a kick on Camerons...
  18. Interceptor

    Jordanian F-16 "Shot Down" by ISIS

    BBC reporting a different view based on US response to the incident the US official response is that the plane wasn't brought down but went down due to a different reason which wasn't mentioned. BBC News - IS captures Jordanian pilot after warplane crashes in Syria Oh wait they changed the...
  19. Interceptor

    Pakistan before 90s

    Wow thats an amazing picture its also a testiment to our Chinese friendship I believe they helped us construct and fund the mausoleum they built the chandelier.

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