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  1. ashokdeiva

    The Myth surrounding Religion

    Are we kept in the dark by the people who know the truth and manipulate us to believe that is not true. Please watch the bellow video. I know that there are a lot of Hindus and Muslims here, and this video is about Christianity and I would be glad to know the views of Christians in PDF on...
  2. ashokdeiva

    Petrol price hiked in INDIA

    Petrol price hike: Unjust and unilateral, says Mamata; won't pull out of government Petrol price hiked in INDIA New Delhi: Starting at midnight, petrol will cost Rs. 6.28 more per litre, exclusive of taxes, effective midnight. This is the steepest hike ever for petrol in India, and...
  3. ashokdeiva

    7 from JK crack IAS

    Rising Kashmir News Srinagar, May 04: Seven youth from Jammu Kashmir figured in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) list of Civil Services 2011-12 examinations, results of which were declared Friday. Syed Abid Rasheed Shah figures in the list ranked 23rd while Syed Sehrish Asgar is...
  4. ashokdeiva

    Raymond Davis' victim's wife killed by father

    The wife of one of the victims of CIA contractor Raymond Davis was murdered by her father at their residence in Lahore on Monday over her plans to remarry. He also killed her mother following the dispute, purportedly not just over their daughter's plans to remarry but also the blood money that...
  5. ashokdeiva

    Vladimir Putin lashes out at America for killing Gaddafi and backing protes

    Vladimir Putin lashes out at America for killing Gaddafi and backing protests - Telegraph In a ferocious verbal tirade broadcast on state TV that lasted more than four and a half hours, the Russian prime minister made it clear he was determined to return to the Russian presidency next year...
  6. ashokdeiva

    Deal in China rebel village Wukan welcomed

    BBC News - Deal in China rebel village Wukan welcomed Chinese state media has welcomed the apparent resolution of a high-profile stand-off over land seizures between villagers and local officials in Wukan. The People's Daily praised provincial officials for negotiating with local people...
  7. ashokdeiva

    Is our tax money effectively used in India?

    Every Indian citizen pays a percentage of his income as Tax to the central government beliving that the Government of India will increase the spending on public welfare in his or her locality to provide better roads, schools, etc. Is this tax effectively utilized to the welfare of each of the...
  8. ashokdeiva

    ‘UN can go home’ – Israeli settlers

    Come September, Israel will be hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. The military is training - and also reportedly arming - West Bank settlers as they expect violence when the UN votes on recognizing Palestinian statehood next month. *But whatever happens at that critical UN...
  9. ashokdeiva

    Foiled suicide bomber on path from hatred to peace

    RT has talked to a Palestinian woman who was captured before carrying out a suicide bombing in Israel. She says she has learned a lot from her perilous experience, turning violent intent into a mission of peace. *Shifa al-Qudsi, a 37-year-old Palestinian mother, does not attract much attention...
  10. ashokdeiva

    Terrorist groups may force their way into Central Asian states – CSTO head

    Fundamentalist Islamic organizations have stepped up their efforts to win more supporters in the states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). *The uppermost concern now is the impact of Afghanistan on the countries in the Central Asian region, the CSTO Secretary General...
  11. ashokdeiva

    Chandrika Kumaratunga berates Sri Lankan government

    Former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has condemned the current government, saying it has failed to win peace in the country after the war. She alleged that members of ethnic minorities are leaving the country in response to its policies. Giving a lecture in Colombo, she said...
  12. ashokdeiva

    I got promoted as a Daddy

    Almighty Blessed me with a Girl Baby to carry my name forward. Bless us for a better future and properous growth.
  13. ashokdeiva

    End military action in Libya: Wen

    The visiting Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao on Monday told Britain that Beijing was opposed to continued military action in Libya, which, instead of protecting civilians as envisaged in the U.N. resolution, had actually led to the loss of numerous innocent lives. “Foreign troops can win...
  14. ashokdeiva

    [B]I quit[/B]

    The moment I saw this forum, I had a lot of dreams of making friendship with Pakistani Brothers and Chinese Brothers. but from the few days of joining this forum i found out that this is all about bashing, denial and self richousness via self centered argumesnt. Some one point one country for...
  15. ashokdeiva

    Rohan Bopanna - Aisam-ul-haq Qureshi enters French Open doubles quarterfina

    Rohan Bopanna - Aisam-ul-haq Qureshi enters French Open doubles quarterfinals, French Open 2011 News - e-news4u.com Hope we share a better future as these tennis pros do.
  16. ashokdeiva

    India and Pakistan had a common cause to fight against terror- Rehman Malik

    Pakistan minister Rehman Malik speeking to NDTV said that India and Pakistan had a common cause to fight against Terror. He has said the trials of the 26/11 attacks on Bombay are delayed due to Pakistans Judicial System and not due to the Government of Pakistan. On question about Hardliners...
  17. ashokdeiva

    India to study one-dish wedding law of Pakistan to cut food wastage

    The reason why I have started this thread is that, Food wastage in social event in India is at least account to 20%. The organizer of the event can pay for any dish to the vendor for excess variety of food, but food is not a commodity, its a resource. and any resource belongs to the society and...

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