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  1. manlion

    Featured Hindu American body opposes joint production of drones by Pakistan, Turkey and Russia

    India’s fake degrees: hundreds in Singapore, Malaysia, US, Canada left questioning qualifications after Manav Bharti University scandal https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/people/article/3123929/indias-fake-degrees-hundreds-singapore-malaysia-us-canada-left
  2. manlion

    Teen girl in India killed for wearing jeans

    Wonder why Tamilnadu the richest and most progressive state is part of indian union .. made up illiterate, poor, regressive, hindi cowbelt states
  3. manlion

    Six Indian Police Killed in Assam-Mizoram border dispute

    Next, watch out for west Bengal vs Assam , Tamilnadu vs Karnataka .....
  4. manlion

    Six Indian Police Killed in Assam-Mizoram border dispute

    India has sent its commando to occupy Mizoram's border
  5. manlion

    Afghanistan Says May Seek India Military Assistance If Taliban Talks Fail

    so when is Indians akhand bharat dream going to materialise ?
  6. manlion

    Why I decided against covid vaccine shot

    Debating Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Colchicine Closely related to this are the now proposed "forced studies" by opponents of Ivermectin. WHO scientist and evidence-synthesis researcher Dr. Tess Lawrie's peer-reviewed work is ranked in the top 5% of such scientists worldwide. She...
  7. manlion

    India cosying up to Pakistan is latest move in a regional chess game with China

    With pressures mounting on the northern frontier, India knows it cannot afford escalating tensions to its west, says Shashi Tharoor. NEW DELHI: Recent conciliatory moves by India’s nationalist government on its western flank have rightly aroused global interest. But Prime Minister Narendra...
  8. manlion

    WHO estimates COVID-19 boosters needed yearly for most vulnerable

    Instead of vac why WHO is not promoting cheaper and less risky ivermectin ?
  9. manlion

    South India Independent Movement

    Dont lie, you used an offensive word. You should be banned Pundek a derogatory term used to insult men. the fact that p-ssy refers to a woman’s genitals https://definithing.com/pundek/ Stalin the present CM of Tamilnadu On Dravidanadu DMK’s Stalin on Dravida Nadu: ‘It is welcome, and it...
  10. manlion

    South India Independent Movement

    Why not you try again mr ettappan ?
  11. manlion

    South India Independent Movement

    Just some clarifications. Except for Tamils other south indians do not face much racism from northies. The reasons are 1) Tamil nationalism, Dravidian identity and roots. Except Tamilnadu, other south states readily assimilate with india and willingly accept hindi. Refer Tamil anti hindi...
  12. manlion

    South India Independent Movement

    Just like Bihari H Raja and Rangaraj Pandey ? Impersonating as Tamil for political control and cultural appropriation. Remember வீரமாமுனிவர் (Veeramamunivar) Constantine Joseph Beschi...
  13. manlion

    South India Independent Movement

    Yes. Amartya Sen has written Tamilnadu willl be better of as an independent country. Cant find his article in internet, can provide the quora link. https://www.quora.com/Amartya-Sen-said-that-Tamil-Nadu-and-Kerala-would-be-better-off-as-a-separate-country-What-do-you-think Yes. Lost their...
  14. manlion

    South India Independent Movement

    Importantly Tamilnadu need to save its dravidian identity from aryan hindian imperialists. Safe guard its environment from hazardous ongc projects e.g lignite, hydro carbon, methane. India can shift nuclear plants to the landlocked cowbelt states. Protect its jobs , taxes, culture and...
  15. manlion

    South India Independent Movement

    South indians dont realise that their resources are looted by north indians and their tax goes to feed the cow belt states. Malaysia said the same to Singapore in 1965. See where is Singapore today for breaking away from Malaysia.
  16. manlion

    War of Words as Tamil Nadu Govt Addresses Centre as 'union goverment'

    Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic crisis, this silent war of words has taken a political turn as Tamilnadu CM Stalin and some of his cabinet ministers have started addressing the Centre as ‘Ondirya Arasu’ union goverment. Recently, Tamil Nadu Finance Minister PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan mentioned...

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