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  1. Iqbal_Brar

    Punjabi Music

    Bahut vadiya gaana aii.. thanks for sharing.. ajj kal tah pakistan toh vadiya punjabi gaane bahut aukhe mill de ne.. teh india deh passe tah punjab vich kanjarah da raaj chall reha loll..
  2. Iqbal_Brar

    To overseas Pakistanis: Get Practical for Change in Pakistan.

    My man, it already exists. Its called a Panchayat. What Pakistan needs is to do away with the zamindari system and half problems will be fixed. Imran Khan is just trying to pick sides in a very fked up system, and yes which means Imran Khan is effed up too. He is not trying to fix any system he...
  3. Iqbal_Brar

    Pakistani rapper Adil Omar's music video released

    music is haraam dats why uu found this thread. ;) haha
  4. Iqbal_Brar

    Pakistani rapper Adil Omar's music video released

    rap es pauvre.. francais est top fort..
  5. Iqbal_Brar

    Punjabi Music

  6. Iqbal_Brar

    The Reality of US Aid to Pakistan

    It keeps Americans off Pakistani territory (most of them).
  7. Iqbal_Brar

    Made in India Vehicles

    Thats a PJ Cruiser, not a Jeep.
  8. Iqbal_Brar

    Punjabi Music

  9. Iqbal_Brar

    Sikh Pilgrims arrive in Pakistan

    Thanks brother!
  10. Iqbal_Brar

    Indian culture (?) in Pakistan??

    yeaa.. haryana is basically hindu version of punjab..
  11. Iqbal_Brar

    Indian culture (?) in Pakistan??

    if by north indian you mean UP and Bihari.. sure... but Indian Punjabi culture is not same as Pakistani or UP or Bihari culture... we're different...
  12. Iqbal_Brar

    Indian culture (?) in Pakistan??

    halal food is not "pakistani" per se... any muslim anywhere eats halal mostly.... and beef... heres an indian dish for u: Beef Vindaloo Recipe | Indian Recipes
  13. Iqbal_Brar

    Indian culture (?) in Pakistan??

    im not a good speaker of those 2 languages... but both you people speak the same damn language... i know u hate each others guts.. but i cant tell wat is difference when urdu guy talk and hindi guy talk... same UP/Bihari bolii.. :lol: :lol: :lol: luddi is not a seperate dance from...
  14. Iqbal_Brar

    Indian culture (?) in Pakistan??

    there is no law banning Pakistani channels in India... we used to get PTV back in 90s in punjab but dat was on antenna not dish.. india's laws don't let any foreign country, not only pakistan, directly beam channels inn.. there are only very very small number of channels.. maybe like BBC...
  15. Iqbal_Brar

    Indian Military Picture Thread

    hes not Sikh he's muslim.. and muslims in punjab who keep full facial hair usually shave off little part of their mustache directly under their nose to satisfy their religious rehats...
  16. Iqbal_Brar

    All Indians please help me!!

    wat an uptight guy... chill out mann...
  17. Iqbal_Brar

    'Iran wants to devour the Arab world'

    there was a muslim brotherhood?? when?
  18. Iqbal_Brar

    Search Engine targeted for the Muslims

    actually am sure they will make money off the site buttt thanks for the articles.. the guys motive doesnt seem that it was only to cash in on a potential market... so good enough for me...
  19. Iqbal_Brar

    Search Engine targeted for the Muslims

    Ok, so its for a good religious cause... but I have my suspicions... itt coulddd be justt a very smartt bunch of people tapping into a potentially huge markettt and making loads of money in name of religious good... soooo... can someone clear my doubts.. andd figure out if the owners of this...
  20. Iqbal_Brar

    EU Plans To Sell Eurofighter (Typhoon) To Pakistan Through Turkey

    Pak may have more nukes than india but look at size of pak and size of india.. india doesn't need any more nukes.. pak has way less major cities than india...

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