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  1. Swati Shukla

    Indian Olympics Dream!!!!

    Let's hope for the Best. *fingers crossed*
  2. Swati Shukla

    Are you a Vegetarian?

    Then why kill someone else? Why not cut some from your thighs and eat it?
  3. Swati Shukla

    F-INSAS update?

    Dunno if It's Been Posted Before or Not! :p India's F-INSAS update: Survivability As we await the outcome of the first phase of India’s Futuristic Soldier As a System (F-INSAS) programme, in the first of a series of articles Defence IQ casts an eye over the new features set to...
  4. Swati Shukla

    India to revive military base in Farkhor, Tajikistan

    India too is training them since Long. The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Main News First batch of Tajik officers passed out of IMA in 2007.
  5. Swati Shukla

    Pakistani spy caught

    He was served Biryani Sir. Killer terrorist Amir Ajmal Kasab turns vegetarian The Times of India on Mobile http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/NAT-POL-no-%E2%80%98biryani-for-kasab-in-arthur-road-jail-3299365.html?PRVNX= He highlighted that, not me. He was saying that Black widow's post targets...
  6. Swati Shukla

    Pakistani spy caught

    Dude, you seriously need instant check up. Why don't you visit bareilly? Bareilly Mental Hospital Campus Bareilly
  7. Swati Shukla

    Pakistani spy caught

    +1 I don't know why people bring religion into anything and everything! If he's caught spying with sensitive documents then he must be punished regardless of his religion!
  8. Swati Shukla

    Pakistani spy caught

    Don't make yourself look like a retard please. :) Where did he targeted entire community? He just said muslims are not treated bad in India, and which is perfectly true.
  9. Swati Shukla

    India wants Narendra Modi & not Rahul Gandhi as PM

    Godhra - The spirit of India Truth cannot be hidden. A section of Media and Politicians regularly frame Mr. Narendra Modi as Hindutva leader who hates muslims. However, as it is said, truth cannot be hidden. This video shows the same. NaMo for PM.!!! Anti-India congressis can hate him all...
  10. Swati Shukla

    China's arming Pakistan makes it second class enemy

    I can not see where he commented On Chinese Manufacturing Quality.!
  11. Swati Shukla

    India wants Narendra Modi & not Rahul Gandhi as PM

    Narendra Modi For PM.. :) Metro, Nice to see you again.. :)
  12. Swati Shukla

    57% adolescent boys, 53% girls think wife beating is justified

    hahaha.. Give Me A Break Sir. Indians very well know how to respect women. This survey is anything but true. A Boy can beat a modern Indian Girl? lolzz. In his Dreams..! Exactly.. And if a Woman thinks it's justified, She's not worth calling a woman!
  13. Swati Shukla

    Vicky Donor

    Mjhe ye zyaada pasand h.. :smitten: Very Nice Movie... :tup:
  14. Swati Shukla

    Are Barelvi muslims from Bareilly?

    One of the Biggest in Asia. Right? Yeap. Dhopeshwar Nath temple In Bareilly Cantt is that place.. Fun City. Small but fun.
  15. Swati Shukla

    Agni V Discussions

    DRDO Made India Proud.. Congrats DRDO.. :)
  16. Swati Shukla

    Agni-V missile to be tested this Wednesday

    Bon voyage Agni... Proud of our scientists.
  17. Swati Shukla

    Defexpo - 2012

    Kch Lete kyu nhi??? :what: This Girl's got some talent.. ;) No Idea Sirjii... :no:
  18. Swati Shukla

    Defexpo - 2012

    No sir, The design is not freezed yet And will Undergo a lot of changes. The designing is going on and they are using powerful supercomputers for it.. No, no.. It's first prototype will be out for testing..
  19. Swati Shukla

    Defexpo - 2012

    That's all i know i guess.. Agar kch yaad aaya to me post kr dungi Sir..

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