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  1. Baybars Han

    Great Seljuks

    Kings and Generals video on Seljuks.
  2. Baybars Han

    Ottoman-Portuguese War for the Indian Ocean & Africa

    A few videos in this series
  3. Baybars Han

    Rise of the GokTurks

    Great documentary about GokTurks 6 episodes so far- more is on the channel.
  4. Baybars Han

    T-129 ATAK 360 degree real operation video

    Very nice video of ATAK 129 on operation. 360 degree mode
  5. Baybars Han

    Russo-Turkish War - Prut War

    Prut War everyday video. Big mistake by Ottomans. This is the definition of winning on the battlefield but a terrible agreement on the table. Peter could have been killed in this battle or the Russian army completely wiped out but the treason by Baltaci Mehmet Pasha, nevertheless he was killed...
  6. Baybars Han

    Benazir Bhutto and Tansu Ciller Bosnia visit

    A good and bad moment in history. Turkish and Pakistani leaders visit Bosnia.
  7. Baybars Han

    Ottoman Battles

    From the Kings and General Channel Starting from 1389 - Kosovo 1389 1396 Nicopolis Ankara 1402 Varna 1444 Constantinople 1453 Siege of Belgrade 1456, Battles of Targoviste 1462 and Otlukbeli 1473
  8. Baybars Han

    Seljuks- Rise of the Turks

    I recommend anyone who has an interest in history to watch this. Its not just about Turks but goes to detail about Turkish invasion of India and why they didn't stay there but instead prefered anatolia etc. Its mainly about Turkish migration. Talks about Kharakhanids, Ghaznavids and Seljuk Turks...
  9. Baybars Han

    Battle of Manzikert

    One of the most important points in medieval history and the Turks entry into anatolia.
  10. Baybars Han

    First Crusade

    Good video on the first crusade. Couldn't find any good videos on the second crusade where the crusaders where crushed by the Selcuk's.
  11. Baybars Han

    Greatest Navy in the World

    Besiktas Navy :-) https://i.ytimg.com/vi/EVgBaRFC9v0/maxresdefault.jpg
  12. Baybars Han

    Ottoman-Mughal relations

    Good read on Ottoman Mughal relations. http://www.academia.edu/6380410/Ottoman-Mughal_Political_Relations_circa_1500-1923
  13. Baybars Han

    Pakistan and India Nukes

    I wanted to ask a question about Pakistan and India's nuclear weapons programs as I could not find much information. After these countries tested these weapons did they not get condemned and sanctioned by UNSC members and if they did how long did these last? If a country today tries to make...
  14. Baybars Han

    The Super Historian

    Guys, Shakespeare was not English, hes real name is Seyh Pir. He was a muslim. Lets hear from erdogans adviser and the great historian that has many high iq villagemen followers.
  15. Baybars Han

    War Simulations

    Anyone watch this youtube channel? I think its very interesting and the creator seems to have very good knowledge. France vs UK Russia vs Turkey USA vs China etc etc much more videos on youtube.
  16. Baybars Han

    History of the World: Every Year

    Great video showing the history of the world by every year.
  17. Baybars Han

    Turkish Program on Pakistan

    Found this great program/documentary on Pakistan. Couldnt find subtitles anywhere but there might be one with subtitles. This is another adventure one, visiting Pakistan
  18. Baybars Han

    Russo-Ottoman War of 1710–11(Pruth River Campaign)

    he Russo-Ottoman War of 1710–11, also known as the Pruth River Campaign after the main event of the war, erupted as a consequence of the defeat of Sweden by the Russian Empire in the Battle of Poltava and the escape of the wounded Charles XII of Sweden to the court of the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed...
  19. Baybars Han

    World Defence Industry Ranking

    I saw this ranking from a post in the Turkish Defence section. I wanted to ask peoples thoughts on it. It shows the levels/rankings of countries defence industries.. I dont agree with some of them however mostly it looks correct and I would like to see the thoughts of others. No trolls please.
  20. Baybars Han

    Turkish SF Operation


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