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    U.S. Flies B-52s Through China’s Expanded Air Defense Zone

    we're not Pakistan. wait for a decent reply. This is CHINA.
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    China eyes enhanced ties with Bhutan

    They are impractical people and are usually ignored.
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    Indian Political Corner | All Updates & Discussions.

    From what I've heard is that he is pro-China. Pakistan should worry.
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    India ends eight-year ban, supplies military gear to Nepal

    Why does India support this country? Don't do favors for such nations which don't consider you as a friend. Do it for Bhutan, because it a pro-Indian country. China have no aims for Nepal either, this nation is just getting sandwiched between India and China
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    New India-China agreement to avoid army face-offs

    Control your retarded media and we won't harm you.
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    India PM fails to strike nuclear deal in Russia

    Yes! Finally a crack is visible between so called 'friendship' All I can say is stop being US puppet, Russia will back you again i guess, it doesn't make sense for a country in Asian region joining hands with a country in far Western region, Russia is your best bet for survival.
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    New video game Operation Morning Glory helps players save India from Pakist

    If Iam an Indian pilot in this game, Iam gonna crash my plane and delete this game. :cheesy:
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    India Mars launch stokes Asian space race with China

    Forgot to add, All the best ISRO :)
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    Manmohan Singh-Vladimir Putin talks will focus on Taliban

    Once a ********, always a ******** :blah: Russia won't do a thing except signing a gas pipeline with ya'll
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    India Mars launch stokes Asian space race with China

    Nope, we all know what is going to happen with their shuttle :cheesy:
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    Not an 'Iota of Change' onKashmir Policy: US

    Expect more pro-India replies from USA. Pakistan's incapability to tackle issues is shown by this. Who is USA to decide India-Pakistan fate, let USA rot alone.
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    India rejects Sharif’s demand for US intervention on Kashmir

    Demanding Kashmir is not talk I support India in this because Kashmir is now inscribed in their maps i also hear that only a negligible fraction of people wants to join with Pakistan.
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    Pak Seeks US Intervention in Resolving Kashmir Issue

    Frankly speaking if Pakistan goes alone to fight India, it would be a suicide and huge losses for India too. Both the countries should encourage peaceful talks. I think third world war will start from both of you :woot:
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    Pak Seeks US Intervention in Resolving Kashmir Issue

    India wants to be asian power forget asian power , India wants that superpower tag desperately Exactly!
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    China poses bigger threat than Pakistan: Arun Shourie

    Keep testing your old vintage missiles , I hope they haven't turned defective
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    Pak Seeks US Intervention in Resolving Kashmir Issue

    Again I would say USA always makes use of India-Pakistan clashes Giant USA will never do good to you both
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    India's First Mono-Rail Service All Set to be Launched

    Good step, I hope the level of transportation improves at mumbai
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    The 'world's worst' airport

    What the **** is wrong with Indian members, even I posted something and they started some retarded talks on 50 cents!
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    Indian sadhu's 50bn$ 'dream' sparks hunt of gold

    Bollywood movie gone wrong. Found nothing. :omghaha:

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