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  1. ckf

    Gravitas: India now has close to 200,000 soldiers on the China border, Pakistan is no longer India's defence priority

    Indians are giving the Chinese excuse to attack. Americans are giving India false I pride And prejudice. Modi and jaikanshar are miscalculating that China does not want a kinetic war, but the truth is much darker. War with Taiwan is not imminent, only tactical ploy by US to win trade war...
  2. ckf

    Bangladesh Air Force chief meets US officials in Pentagon

    How do u know US does not want a base in Bangladesh? Seems like logical fit since India would not oppose and keeps Chinese at bay of Bangal and provide strategical support for NE India. US base or transit agreement would bringing jobs , dollar and development. For the US, Bangladesh base...
  3. ckf

    India has always had enough oxygen

    Modi/Bjp obviously made a strategic calculation, Why save the people of an over populated India when u can let them die and pocket the change. Kills 2 bird with one stone, cut government spending, unemployment and urban crowding...pure vile Hindu madness...They just don't care about silly...
  4. ckf

    Bangladesh Air Force chief meets US officials in Pentagon

    It's more about being bribed using US NGOs. US/european NGOs will provide jobs/donations/college grants to Swami league senior leader's family and friends. I wouldn't be surprised Sri Lanka next. US prints money anyways, house of cards when the value of dollar goes into the toilet.
  5. ckf

    Geo Strategic Implications of India’s Covid Disaster.

    Indian as well as Paksitanis, and International community should worry about vaccination and Covid first...we are still in the middle of a war against Pandemic...Virus doesn't care about Pride and Prejudice. Indians should should worry more about floating dead covid bodies than...
  6. ckf

    Geo Strategic Implications of India’s Covid Disaster.

    For China, Mexico and central America will be the next frontier in geo politics. Covid accelerates Chinese investment/political influences across Americas. US full charge into SAARC covid aid relief (World bank + Covax allocated 80 million USD to Sri Lanka, and millions to Bangladesh as well)...
  7. ckf


    I wish no harm to the beautiful people of India, and this post is in no way trying to harm Indians, but Modi and the center gov't is becoming fanatically incompetent. India's only competent vaccine maker is Serum and Poonwalla is hiding in UK. Modi now is promoting rapid production of...
  8. ckf

    China warns US it will be defeated if the two superpowers go to war

    Elections in US has little bearing on governance, lobbyist and special interest groups have hijacked represnative democracy in America. Canada on the other hand is no longer democratic, our culture and media is completely infiltrated by America ngo and special interest groups. Recent NAFTA...
  9. ckf

    Troll Fest:Bharatis are Sad that Netanyahu Didn't Include Indian Flag in his Tweet

    UAE/Arab nations pays india workers, and they remit funds to india. India runs $30 billion usd surplus annualy and buys weapons from Israel...funding Israeli tech...lol Muslims funding Israelis to terrorize Palestine...not good publicity.
  10. ckf

    China warns US it will be defeated if the two superpowers go to war

    Us democratic institution is a double edge sword and depends on Us hegemony of global trade using the $. If Global trade moves on from dollar since us population is only 5% OF 7+ trillion, brain deficit is already an issue. Indians are moving up the value chain....God help america when indian...
  11. ckf

    China warns US it will be defeated if the two superpowers go to war

    Dilemma in India is no money/financial capacity to finance army, only streets filled with beggars. Covid spreads through feces as well as airborne droplets, the middle class and the rich has no where to hide in urban india....US posturing india aid could be planning to sacrifice modi to the...
  12. ckf

    China’s wolf warriors are undermining Beijing’s empathetic messaging on India’s Covid-19 crisis

    Lol, Mexicans have Corona and they party. Modi proclaim Corona defeated, bodies pile up on Ganges. Your double talk is attacking the wrong culprit.
  13. ckf

    China’s wolf warriors are undermining Beijing’s empathetic messaging on India’s Covid-19 crisis

    India is a begging nation. I hope bjp/modi stays in power, they are instutionalizing neo-caste system in India. The poor/desperate will eventually burn the house down. China should avoid war at all cost with India....but apply enough military pressure-arms race to bankrupt India. India...
  14. ckf

    China slowly becoming a player in Arab Israel conflict

    Not true, Israel is arming India via Indomerica nexus. Root cause of ladakh incident last year is India elite have been bribed and infiltred by American Jewish elites. India received $80 billion fdi last year. India kicked out chinese apps and bought out chinese investment via Wall Street...
  15. ckf

    China warns US it will be defeated if the two superpowers go to war

    China does not need to invade Taiwan. Bombing/Missle attack on TSMC and Samsung chip factories will destroy wall street and American pension funds. America understand this and does not want direct conflict with another nuclear power on their turf. Cia want proxy wars, India is the most likely...
  16. ckf

    Indian Generals Blast Government for Withholding Life-Saving Army Aid From Its Own People

    Has the Indian army vaccinated everyone? maybe not...failed state
  17. ckf

    Indian higher education could be damaged “beyond repair” by COVID-19 catastrophe

    Why bother, Hindutva and the 33 million gods are only good for one thing...dumping dead bodies into Ganges...failed state. Thousands of professors and teachers are dying because of election poll duties...you can't make this up...democracy kills.
  18. ckf

    What has gone wrong in india?

    Stories of families driving hours from Delhi to neighboring Punjab looking for hospital beds, how's this possible in a lockdown? Not to be rude or condescending and pointing out the facts pertaining to this supposed lockdown, GOI institutions are just full of silly people. Nepal, Pakistan...
  19. ckf

    Modi leads India into viral apocalypse

    Economic apocalypse next, debt to gdp already at 90%, and if 2021 lockdown is worse than 2020 economic downturn; debt to gdp could go above 100%. FDI outflow could trigger massive sovereign debt default...Modi *** will be on the frying pan this fall as IMF bailout requires strict monitoring of...
  20. ckf

    Is Turkey the Punching Bag?

    Lobby "English" name change in UN. I vote for "Turkye", maybe the Europeans and American will respect your country a little more rather than a dinner bird for Thanksgiving.

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