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  1. Bogeyman

    Magnetocaloric Materials and Fundamentals of Magnetic Cooling

    Magnetocaloric Materials and Fundamentals of Magnetic Cooling (Cooling without using superconductors directly concerns warships and submarines, in particular ferromagnetism.) https://file.ttmd.org.tr/makale/90-1.PDF SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF GRAPHENE NANOPLATETLa0.7Ca0.3MnO3 COMPOSITES...
  2. Bogeyman

    Exercise of the US Army in Poland

    The US army will conduct a drill in Poland from July 14 to August 22. A total of 6000 soldiers from Poland and the United States will participate in the exercise. The US plans to participate in the exercise with 30 Abrams tanks, 20 Bradley ZMAs and 10 M113 ZPTs...
  3. Bogeyman

    People’s Republic of China in terms of Chinese Sources: Snow Dragon in the High North

    Arctic Policy of the People’s Republic of China in terms of Chinese Sources: Snow Dragon in the High North The Arctic has become an important region due to the possibility of access to hydrocarbon resources and the formation of strategic maritime routes as a result of climate change. In this...
  4. Bogeyman

    Genocides of France in Algeria

    Algeria on Friday received the skulls of 24 colonial resistance fighters which were lying in a French museum. The fighters’ heads were decapitated during France’s conquest of the North African country, and were transported to the European country as war trophie. French media will not show this...
  5. Bogeyman

    Meta Materials and KM stones of national stealth technology

    Metamaterial based nanobiosensors, nanophotodetectors, and perfect absorbers (Conference Presentation) 17 September 2018...
  6. Bogeyman

    Satellite images show positions surrounding deadly China–India clash

    Satellite images show positions surrounding deadly China–India clash The recent deaths of at least 20 soldiers along the contested border at Ladakh between India and China represents the largest loss of life from a skirmish between the two countries since the clashes in 1967 that left hundreds...
  7. Bogeyman

    Nuclear driven attack submarine SSN Perle (S606) affiliated to French navy surrendered to fire

    Firefighters Battled The French SSN ‘Perle’ Blaze For 14 Hours https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2020/06/firefighters-battled-the-french-ssn-perle-blaze-for-14-hours/
  8. Bogeyman

    Vaccine manufacturing operation in Turkey

    Aşı üretiminde 'yeşil bitki' formülü Sağlık Bakanlığı Aşı Bilim Kurulu Üyesi Prof. Dr. Tarlan Mammedov, 20 kişilik ekibiyle Akdeniz Üniversitesinde oluşturduğu laboratuvarda yeşil bitki üzerinden aşı geliştiriyor. Mammedov, 2014'ten bu yana Akdeniz Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi Tarımsal...
  9. Bogeyman

    Sources on academic article writing

    In order to facilitate the work of friends who write academic articles, they have opened a site that searches for resources. https://www.connectedpapers.com/ You can access the article you want for free by searching the links of articles sold for a fee on this site. https://sci-hub.tw/ Again...
  10. Bogeyman

    Developments related to Iraqi Turkmen

    ITC President Erşat Salihi announces first time ministry is given to Turkmens in Iraq
  11. Bogeyman

    Ethnic Map of the Caucasus

    Link for those who want to examine in more detail https://www.mepanews.com/kafkaslarda-etnik-yapi-36868h.htm
  12. Bogeyman

    Russian Hackers stealing confidential information about Minuteman III ICBM missiles

    Hackers have stolen confidential documents from a US military contractor which provides critical support for the country's Minuteman III nuclear deterrent, Sky News has learnt. After gaining access to Westech International's computer network, the criminals encrypted the company's machines and...
  13. Bogeyman

    Farewell open skies, welcome cold war

    International community facing a new Cold War after the US decided to withdraw from the Open Skies Agreement, which kept last crumbs of its delicate trust bond with Russia afloat As it is questioned how the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, which marks the year 2020, would affect...
  14. Bogeyman

    High Strength Steel Production in Turkey

    We will now discuss the current situation as follows. First we will see the latest situation in technology transfer from Finland. I will continue with OYAK MINE MATULARGY GROUP INTEGRATED ANNUAL REPORT 2019 It was planned to invest in Manisa with Miilux Oy, which Oyak Group bought to transfer...
  15. Bogeyman

    The intelligence network established by Pakistani Intelligence in Kashmir has been exposed

    Spy network seeking info on defence installations busted, one held The Crime Branch of Mumbai Police and the Military Intelligence team (Jammu and Kashmir) have unearthed a suspected espionage racket. A suspect has been arrested and the racket is said to be run by a foreign intelligence agency...
  16. Bogeyman

    NIST Researchers Boost Microwave Signal Stability a Hundredfold

    NIST Atomic Clocks Now Keep Time Well Enough to Improve Models of Earth November 28, 2018 Experimental atomic clocks at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have achieved three new performance records, now ticking precisely enough to not only improve timekeeping and...
  17. Bogeyman

    Operations organized to FETO

    Adjutant Major F.Ö, the commanding officer of Lieutenant General Ali Sivri, the Commander of the Aegean Army, who was detained within the scope of the investigation of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), was arrested...
  18. Bogeyman

    Biological Weapons Research of Soviet Russia

    Soviet Russia's Biological Weapons Research Book 333 pages https://www.nlm.nih.gov/nichsr/esmallpox/biohazard_alibek.pdf
  19. Bogeyman

    The Pentagon Biological Weapons Research and actions undertaken against Turkey

    The US Army Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever is said to spread the disease in Turkey http://dilyana.bg/the-pentagon-bio-weapons/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

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