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  1. J

    Indian Navy Anti-Piracy Efforts

    Yeah, rubber boats lit the IN radars as far as the Andaman's and they failed to nab them.
  2. J

    The Truth About Mumbai Attacks (Indias Hindu Radicals Responsible)

    Again, if they are guilty they will be put in jail. Give me a break, you have had supreme court justice removed from his post for not towing the official line. Masood Azhar was arrested in inside India and was let go after the plane hijack. Double standards aside, Pakistan cannot find anything...
  3. J

    Motivations behind selecting the name 'India' in 1947

    If Indus river is not in India, I wonder why India is a signatory to Indus river water treaty. A cursory glance on Indus river catchment areas or the flow of the river itself would prove whether Indus flows through India or not. The river originates in China (Tibet), it flows through India in...
  4. J

    IAF may not get to fly LCA before 2010

    I rest my case, you can compare apples and oranges and say Orange is better, its your discretion. Marut, HAL Ajeet or LCA is more apt to be compared, but then you gonna come back and say Indian engineers contributed nothing for the original Gnat program.
  5. J

    'Data about Britishers from Indian BPOs being sold'

    So you are pretty sure that ISI had nothing to do with it?
  6. J

    IAF may not get to fly LCA before 2010

    No, Gnat is. But Gnat was already built even before IAF chose it, so it cannot be compared to JF-17, which was desgined ground up using PAF specifications. So why would India have its engineers in building the Gnat??
  7. J

    IAF may not get to fly LCA before 2010

    You dont need to care what my opinion is, infact I didnt even say it out loud. Now if there is an event or a news source which says PLAAF is infact inducting JF-17. I reread Mark's post and no where he says PLAAF will induct JF-17, it just says CAC will be producing it, which is a no brainer...
  8. J

    IAF may not get to fly LCA before 2010

    Yes, IAF has already ordered 20 birds in IOC and allocated budget for it. Did that answer your question?
  9. J

    Aussies oppose shipping jobs to India

    Welcome to capitalism :rofl: And they have data to prove its not sustainable?? :rofl: Ask the Fortune 500 companies about it :D
  10. J

    'Data about Britishers from Indian BPOs being sold'

    And who was financing and arming it after the America/CIA/ USSR left south Asia?
  11. J

    'Data about Britishers from Indian BPOs being sold'

    No I didnt, even though its a huge security violation, its not like it has never happened. Its up to the companies that outsource their work and the BPO's. Thats what we call identity theft. Again, thats identity theft. I see the news report talks about credit cards, I dont see anything...
  12. J

    What about us? Muslims and Sikh in India say they want justice too

    Much better than your previous post.
  13. J

    'Data about Britishers from Indian BPOs being sold'

    Terror activities?? Like what?? they rent out vehicles using bogus DL and ram it on to the buildings?? :lol:
  14. J

    China Still Years Ahead of India

    Why do you have India fixation particularly when responding to a post which has nothing to do with India? So just coz India does something does not make PRC's Tibetian killings any less brutal. The provision of housing may be much better, but I dont want to be chucked out of my home, so that...
  15. J

    IAF may not get to fly LCA before 2010

    PLAAF has not agreed to induct JF-17 AFAIK, do you have anything to prove that they are willing to take half the birds?
  16. J

    Book verifies Sharif’s version of coup

    And Musharaff did any better? He handpicked people to run GoP and all the major public owned companies. If Pakistan Army can deploy its force and make a coup in 1 or 2 hours, they've got to have the swiftest deployment force in the whole world along with some one who makes decisions in the...
  17. J

    Mushy's 'Out of Box' Kashmir solution

    Typo..Read it as without US...
  18. J

    What about us? Muslims and Sikh in India say they want justice too

    where is that bunny icon ??:wall: You do have a vote, dont you? infact most of the political parties do gove favors to the minorties, so may be you may need to talk to them. If not, I guess, you shud search for a "better" place to live. I think its a bad idea to live and love a place that you...
  19. J

    Musharraf best-seller in India despite row over contents

    Atleast they didnt say stuff and backtracked later infront of the whole world. Perfect snake oil sales man as the Colonel used to call these kinda blokes.
  20. J

    Mushy's 'Out of Box' Kashmir solution

    Pff, its military and political. If PRC stops its confrontational approach towards ROC, half the problem is solved. Without US, there is nothing much of a global economy. No, it has tolerated a lot more nations. Does Japan ring a bell?

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