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    Featured India, US Close To Signing $700 Million Deal To Acquire 100 'GE 404' Engines For Tejas Mk1A Fighter Jets

    I think joint venture for India and Pakistan are oranges and apples. Your post has made it abundantly clear to my fellow Indians that Pakistan has joint ownership because of the developmental costs, marketing skills and displays in airshows. On the contrary for India, a joint ownership includes...
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    Indian Army & Pakistan Army exchanged sweets on the auspicious occasion of Eid-Al-Adha at the Line of Control

    There is a big clue in the pictures. Look closely at which soldier has the bigger tummy. He is likely the culprit.
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    Featured India made sure Pakistan stays on FATF grey list: Indian foreign minister

    India spilled the beans because Pakistan seeks FATF action against India for 'sponsoring terrorism' https://tribune.com.pk/story/2308835/pakistan-seeks-fatf-action-against-india-for-sponsoring-terrorism Alright. Yes. We did it. Now your turn. All the best Pakistan!
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    Featured Russia Teases 'Fundamentally New' Military Aircraft to Be Unveiled

    Pakistan will not allow India acquire this aircraft. Pakistan-Russian friendship has grown deeper and taller than some mountains now largely helped by India's new found affinity towards western weapons. The Russian president visit to Pakistan is imminent as discussed here on this forum. If...
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    Featured Anatolian Eagle 2021 - JF-17 To Pitch Against Rafale and Vipers

    You are very wrong. We know the JF-17 with PL-15 is invincible against the Rafale based on all the expert talk here on PDF. There is no way anyone here can argue against it. I don't even understand why you guys keep comparing the mighty Thunder against the Rafale, the Thunder needs to be pitted...
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    Why are Pakistani men loved by British women so much?

    May be the teenagers of Pakistani origin chase girls more? while their Indian counterparts hunker down to study and get that diploma? Sounds reasonable since if you see the difference in education, finance and achievements between the two communities, the cultural differences between the two...
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    Nigerian Thunders Conduct Their First Sortie

    I have mixed feelings - I may be a tad jealous. I do not like the JF-17. However, I am happy to see aircraft being exported out of Asia. Congrats Pakistan and China!
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    Remain alert: The Chinese threat continues to loom along the LAC

    @FOOLS_NIGHTMARE Sometimes one needs to see what they are doing with their lives. Your obsession with India is robbing you of your precious time. Use that time to learn something new or spend that time to play with your kids or simply meditate. I have seen obsession but nothing like this-...
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    Indian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has been offered a new co-development of Meteor 2 Missile with the United Kingdom

    That's the way we roll. We like to learn the how.. not the how to paint.. I'm very sure you know what I mean.
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    Indian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has been offered a new co-development of Meteor 2 Missile with the United Kingdom

    We are only playing catchup to the mighty JF-17 and PL-15 combo. Since Rafale is completely outgunned by the JF-17 and we don't have unlimited resources to buy newer planes that can be better than the Thunder, we are attempting to standardize our options - Meteor is the best option we have. I...
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    Geo Strategic Implications of India’s Covid Disaster.

    Pakistanis on this thread unable to differentiate reality from their own wants. A pandemic can obviously slow India down for a few years but it can't kill the reasons why India has pushed ahead in recent times. Let me ask a more valid question. Why do Pakistanis think India will -"Spiral into...
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    India to deploy Tejas aircraft on the western front by mid of this year (likely Srinagar)

    NO. France has asked India not to risk it with JF-17 with PL-15. IAF has no options at all now. Who is the doosara bandha? still a mystery man..any clues?
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    Covid 19 and role of NGOs in india

    I'm guessing you are Christian and looking to help India through a Christian NGO? Thank you! I hope you find the stories below useful. However, If you had ill intentions, I may have to warn you in advance before you click that link that the stories you may read may include Muslims who...
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    Sniffer dogs to identify coronavirus patients at Islamabad airport

    Sniffer dogs to identify coronavirus patients at Islamabad airport RAWALPINDI: Airport authorities have agreed to use sniffer dogs to identify Covid-19-infected inbound travelers at Islamabad International Airport. A senior airport official told Dawn that well-trained sniffer dogs will detect...
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    US nurses heading to India amid staggering COVID-19 crisis

    Thank you! It is truly amazing to see how people are reaching out to help when you have some many others trying to mock my country even over such news. India mishandled the entire second wave. We were not prepared, we truly had not done our homework and our leadership completely failed. Our...
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    The Failed State: India

    Hearty Congratulations to Pakistan! Surprised not many Chinese have joined the celebration yet.
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    In order to please India- Canada , bans Pakistani flights together with Indians

    We would not be completely truthful if we say the situation in India is not dire! It's sad, very sad to see people dying for lack of something like oxygen in a hospital. This has to be the worse crisis we have faced as a country in the recent past.
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    In order to please India- Canada , bans Pakistani flights together with Indians

    Ok. Here for everyone to see. All for a piece of cake then..
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    Abhinandan was released on massive Indian pressure of war: Ayaz Sadiq Claims

    Shutting down of the air space over Pakistan was something really surprising after the skirmish. Now that the context is clear, it makes sense.

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