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    US adds Pakistan, Turkey to child soldier recruiter list

    Get ready, soon USA will be doing some bad stuff with the people living In their country. Just what they did with Japanese living.g in USA during 2nd world war.
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    Featured Pakistan and Uzbekistan deny US military bases for Afghan mission

    Since when you became a negotiator. USA is a user country not a friend.
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    KSA-PAK: A new strategic alliance emerging?

    All of you are forgeting KSA current economic status, which is not good. It look all forum people are habitual of day dreaming and lack skill to analyze situation.
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    Featured Chinese arrive in Argentina to negotiate sale of 12 JF-17 fighters

    A year or two Argentinaion air force people visited Pakistan regarding Jf-17, I read that article written in Spanish with pictures of their visit
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    Jinnah, secularism and Islamic modernism: YLH

    Interesting, but reality is Jinnah appointed Dr. Assad (German Muslim, and 1st Pakistani holding Pakistan passport) to write Pakistan Constitution on Islamic Sharia, but Quaid left us so early...its Indians and so called enlightened people call him secular, where as he was honest person not a...
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    TLP during the leadership of Allama Khadim Hussain Razavi

    Everyone should read constitution of Pakistan careful. Which starts with extreme authority lies with Allah the only one. No law shall be against Quran and Sunnah. Our political elite, assemblies, judiciary and others are violating it in every respect. ALLAH WANT US TO BE EXTREME OBEDIENT TO HIM...
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    Cancelled by Pakistan : Sale of 27 ASW Helicopter for Pakistan Navy

    Indians are asking for mirages and sub because the are afraid of them to be used against them in time of need. "Agar Rafael hottha too mamla faraq hottha" [emoji6]
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    Featured Indian Army's JCO killed in retaliatory firing of Pakistan Army in Baba Khori area of Nawshera sector of Rajouri

    Mind it. Those Muslim who are fighting for non believer of only one God Allah they are not Shaheed. On the judgment day they will stand with non believers.
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    China Is Paying a High Price for Provoking India

    It us very difficult to digest that they will attain 30% growth with starting again at normal activity. INDIANs are shameless liars just like their new found brother USA.
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    Woman raped on Lahore Ring Road, infront of her two children.

    This unfortunate incidence happen just within days of power struggle between price high up. Showing incompetence of our current rulers. I have just seen press conference of Lahore CCPO and Shazad Akbar, very pathetic and incompetent person he shows while talking. Looks Shazad is his relative or...
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    Minister Shireen Mazri's Daughter spreading Indian Propaganda regarding 1965 war...

    Honourable minister that is her mother should resign from her post as she could not educated the facts to her daughter.
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    You people are starting thinking much wisely now...next step start acting by start looking for person who is honest and man of word ( on after verifying your self not on here say)...

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