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    After Google, Dell and GoDaddy mull pulling out

    Just a day after Google, the world’s largest search engine company, closed down its Chinese search engine, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, Dell, has hinted towards moving its manufacturing base away from China, possibly to India. Dell buys equipment and parts worth $25 billion...
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    Corruption is our RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think its parody kind or sme thing like that but if its for real i mean admitting on national tv that Corruption is Our right .......ROFL ROFL
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    Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse

    Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse <<--visit here for more details Beginning in 2004, accounts of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, including torture[1][2], rape[1], sodomy[2], and homicide[3] of prisoners held in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq (also known as Baghdad Correctional...
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    China Bans Gangster Games

    Suddenly president Obama&#8217;s suggestion that we &#8220;put away the Xbox&#8221; doesn&#8217;t seem all that bad. China&#8217;s Ministry of Culture has just prohibited websites that host, promote or distribute mafia-themed games. The Xinhua news site says that a statement on the...
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    China Bans Gangster Games

    Double post mods PLZ DEL it
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    largest nuclear device ever tested

    It were the Russians in 1961 (Soviet Union) The bomb was originally designed to have a yield of about 100 MEGATONS !!!!!!!! of TNT ; however, the bomb yield was reduced by half in order to limit the amount of nuclear fallout that would result Link: Tsar Bomba
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    Pakistan Two wheeler Industry?

    I just wanted to have information about the Pakistan's two wheeler industry? like ....Bike's available ...their specs and any related developments in local industry?:tup: :welcome:

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