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  1. Total Destruction

    Pak pilots in Egypt 67-73

    Seif El-din Azzam Pakistani pilots who volunteered to serve in the Jordanian, Iraqi, Egyptian and Syrian air forces shot down 10 Israeli aircraft without losing any of their fellow pilots or a plane. The strange thing is that the Pakistani contribution to the Arab armies was not mentioned in...
  2. Total Destruction

    Russian nuclear warheads kept in Egypt since 70s

    https://www7.0zz0.com/2020/04/29/02/407686046.png along with the news of nuclear warheads during mubarak era.
  3. Total Destruction

    New Egyptian Radar (EWR) locally made.

    The Egyptian Armed Forces Show off for the first time at #EDEX2018 New locally made early warning radar with range 250km.
  4. Total Destruction

    EDEX 2018 Egypt 3 Dec.

  5. Total Destruction

    Egypt receives more Apaches.

    10 more Apaches to increase the number of Apaches in Egypt to 55 along with 46 K-52 ,10 MI-24 and 108 Gazelle attack helicopters ( 219 attack helicopters) US clears Apache sales for Egypt, missiles for Qatar...
  6. Total Destruction

    Egyptian police open fire on israeli patrol

    https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1067778388293808130 https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1067781101748396033
  7. Total Destruction

    Egyptian MI-24?

    Some photos surfaced on the internet of some MI-24 probably serving in the Egyptian army
  8. Total Destruction

    39% increase of trade between Cairo and Beijing

    Han Ping, Minister Plenipotentiary and economic and trade advisor at the Chinese Embassy, said that bilateral trade between China and Egypt rebounded in 2018 significantly with the growth of imports and exports, where Beijing still retains its status as the largest trading partner and the...
  9. Total Destruction

    Egypt moves 5 million citizen to Sinai

    Said Dr. Fakhri al-Feqi, professor of economics at Cairo University, said that the announcement by the Minister of Investment to allocate $ 15 billion for the development of Sinai is very important. Dr. Fakhri al-Faqi said: "The reconstruction and settlement of these areas is being carried out...
  10. Total Destruction

    Underground river between Egypt and Libya discovered.

    The great underground western sahara river A great river in eastern Libya, at least a quarter of the area of the Arab Republic of Egypt, has a fan-like delta in the western part of the Western Desert of Egypt, according to the research group of Dr. Farouk El-Baz, director of the Center...
  11. Total Destruction

    Egyptian VS Ottoman wars

    Egypt has launched some wars against Ottoman Empire in order to take over Syria and south Turkey.. All wars were successful by Egyptians until Ottomans had to call for European help. Egyptian–Ottoman War (1831–1833) The First Egyptian-Ottoman War, First Turco-Egyptian War or First Syrian War...
  12. Total Destruction

    Made in Egypt

    I shall mention in this thread Egyptian Military industry. will begin with ground forces 1-Egyptian version of M1A1 Abrams Tank ( 90 to 95 % locally produced) 2- Local assembly of Russian T-90 MS 3-Egyptian Modification of M-60 4- Ramses II tank (is an upgrade to the...
  13. Total Destruction

    Egypt goes nuclear

    Minister of electricity unveil that first nuclear power plant will be operational in 2026 and the 4 nuclear plants will be finished in 2029...
  14. Total Destruction

    10 AH-64E to Egypt

    10 additional Apache 64 E to Egypt increase its fleet to 55 Apache. Egypt's AH-64 Apache helicopter fleet will be fitted with Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor System (M-TADS/PNVS, also known as Arrowhead) kits, following the award of a foreign military...
  15. Total Destruction

    Egypt-Russia Joint training Oct 2018

    Russian Paratroops began reaching to Egypt to start the second Egyptian-Russo Paratroopers training.
  16. Total Destruction

    Egypt unveils its first Chengdu Wing Loong UCAV

    It's nice to see this combination of Rafale,Mig-35,F-16s,Ka-52,Apanches and Wing long.
  17. Total Destruction

    Russia offers Egypt license to build its trains.

    A deal of 1300 railroad car and establishment of an egyptian factory with a license to build Russian trains (with cooperation with military factory 200) was signed, arrival of the first 30 railroad car in december 2019...
  18. Total Destruction

    Egypt to operate Armata along with Abrams and T-90

    Russia – Confirmed Despite the price increase of the T-14, The Kremlin has confirmed it has budgeted for 2300 T-14 to be purchased for the Russian army between 2015 and 2020. As of October 2015, 20 have built for display, trials and possible training. The T-14 will replace the T-90A as Russia’s...

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