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    Indian Narbhay cruise missiles test - Math errors? Or bluff?

    It claims 0.7 mach speed, 1000km range in 42 minutes.. Just a little scrutiny.. 1000kms @ 0.7 mach needs 71 minutes to cover not 42.. If you cover 1000 in 42 minutes, you got to have 1.2 mach speed.. this it won't be subsonic . It will be just under super somic lower margin.. Bottom line, they...
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    Opinion | What the IAF-PAF dogfight reveals

    Opinion | What the IAF-PAF dogfight reveals The February 27 aerial duel shows India’s military capability doesn’t match its ambitions. Blame the nation’s tardy defence acquisition process for this. Updated: Mar 27, 2019 08:43:56 By Shekhar Gupta An IAF Mirage 2000 during a drill, 2017. It...
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    Which aircraft is this?

    Saw this today.. couldn't recognise.. felt like a drone.. couldn't capture the front side.. it was rounded..
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    TTP commander dies....

    ISLAMABAD: One of the Taliban’s notorious commander who was captured by Pakistan security forces few days back scummed to his injuries. Sher Kasab was arrested in injured condition in Charbagh, Swat.:sniper::hang2:
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    Russia also have intercontinental missiles???

    Russia has stopped the production of its new sea-to-surface intercontinental missile “Bulava” due to its repeated failures. Bulava which was thought to be the future pride for Russian strong Navy failed more then half of its eleven tests. Some strict actions have been taken in this regard...
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    Brahmos Cruise Missile - Russia & India

    does any one know anything about indian brahmos cruise missile????:undecided::undecided:

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