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  1. Evil Flare

    India admits downing own copter during air battle with Pakistan

    Indian forces appear to have had a panic attack on February 27 when Pakistani warplanes mounted a bold punitive assault in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) to avenge a botched airstrike attempt by Indian jets a day earlier. Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets flew into IOK in broad daylight, locked...
  2. Evil Flare

    Why didn't Putin's Growlers intercept Trump's Tomahawks?

    i know the source is not good but here it is .. Why didn't Putin's Growlers intercept Trump's Tomahawks? Russian leader's missile protection system failed to prevent attack on Syrian airfield Read more...
  3. Evil Flare

    Pan Baidu BLOCKED in Pakistan

    from the past 2 months i cannot able to download any file from Pan Baidu .. & my friends told me that it is blocked in Pakistan now ... there is no justification for this .... and there is no explaination by Govt ...
  4. Evil Flare

    Battle of Karansebes

    The battle Different portions of an Austrian army, which was scouting for forces of the Ottoman Empire, fired on each other by mistake, causing a self-inflicted decimation. The battle took place on the evening of 17 September 1788. Ottomans were victorious and captured the city. The army of...
  5. Evil Flare

    Karachi: Blast in DHA flat triggers panic

    The incident took place on Khayaban-e-Bukhari in Phase 6 of DHA, according to DawnNews. – File photo. KARACHI: A blast occurred in an apartment in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority late Saturday, due to pre-mature ignition of explosive materials. However, no loss of life was reported...
  6. Evil Flare

    236 dead in Karachi garment factory fire

    KARACHI: A huge fire at a garment factory in Baldia Town area of Karachi has killed at least 236 people, the police chief said on Wednesday. The rescue operation continues. Karachi police chief Iqbal Mahmood also said rescue teams were still trying to gain access to parts of the factory...
  7. Evil Flare

    Syria says it has weapons of mass destruction in case of foreign attack

    (CNN) -- The Syrian Foreign Ministry said Monday that the country has chemical or biological weapons, but would never use them against its citizens -- only against foreign attackers. "Any stocks of (weapons of mass destruction) or any unconventional weapon that the Syrian Arab Republic...
  8. Evil Flare

    Shahid Afridi beats the hell out of Fan at airport ..

    Shahid Afridi beats the hell out of Fan at airport .. footage is showing on Media .. More to follow :D
  9. Evil Flare

    Lumbar Epidural Injection .. Sciatica

    after two months of Sciatica pain , doctor has prescribed my mother a Lumbar Epidural Injection . i have read on internet about this & this look scary .. lots of comment about unbearable pain .. i have said my mother that test will be easy & no pain .. & now after reading all comments...
  10. Evil Flare

    HP Pavilion G6 ... Finally its in my hand but few problems i have .

    Old thread of mine here http://www.defence.pk/forums/members-club/126592-laptop-urgent-help-needed-hp-parillion-g6.html Received in brand new condition Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit is pre-installed & all HP applications installed when i received in my hand but i don't have windows 7 ultimate...
  11. Evil Flare

    Laptop Urgent help needed hp parillion g6

    hp pavilion g6 NEW i5 2.67 ghz 500 GB , 2 GB RAM a friend is asking Rs 38000 for it ... do i buy it ???? Suggestions needed
  12. Evil Flare

    Thats an Insult ... hahahahha

  13. Evil Flare

    Tense situation in karachi once again

    I don't know what is happening but there is fierce firing going in shah faisal colony , In tower passenger bus is being on Fire & peoples are still inside :angry:
  14. Evil Flare

    Karachi Violence .. Updates & Discussion ..

    Kindly post all Karachi related news & updates to this thread ... Request to Mods to make this thread sticky .
  15. Evil Flare

    Is Zardari responsible for Karachi violence? - By Saleem Saafi

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
  16. Evil Flare

    Not Confirmed ... Operation on Nine Zero .. All telephone line disconnected

    Rumors are that they will be an operation against MQM ... I don't know if its true or false .. Telephones lines are disconnected .. Emergency meeting called by MQM Leader ...
  17. Evil Flare

    Cyclone could hit coastal areas in 48 hours

    KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department on Wednesday warned that low wind pressure in the Arabian Sea could turn into a medium intensity cyclone in the next 48 hours. Authorities have prohibited people from visiting beaches and police has been deployed along the coastal areas. The...
  18. Evil Flare

    Altaf Hussain reconciles with MQM-H leader Amir Khan

    KARACHI: In an unprecedented move, Muttahida chief Altaf Hussain makes peace with Mohajir Quami Movement – Haqiqi group leader Amir Khan on Wednesday Khan was released on bail from the central jail on 23 May after the Sindh High Court revoked his life term. A lower court awarded life term...
  19. Evil Flare

    Coke Studio Season 4

    About Season 4 Coke Studio embarks on its fourth season with a heightened awareness of the invisible depths of the musical foundations upon which it stands. Expanding on the experiences of the previous three seasons, Coke Studio now continues along the path of self-discovery with a fresh...

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