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  1. Rajput_Pakistani

    Shahbaz Sharif: Another story of Money Laundering

    Did the family of Pakistani politician who has become the poster boy for British overseas aid STEAL funds meant for earthquake victims, asks DAVID ROSE Shahbaz Sharif leads Pakistan's main opposition party and was a chief minister Up to £500million of UK foreign aid has been poured into his...
  2. Rajput_Pakistani

    2002 Gujarat riots: use of rape as a form of terror

    Note: I have not read the full article, as half way through.. I was so upset that could not bear more. This is not a story of medieval times, it happened at the start of this very century in a country, which crowns itself as largest democracy and secular champion One thing was distinctly rotten...
  3. Rajput_Pakistani

    India: Student Raped in President House

    Rashtrapati Bhavan staff rapes woman inside staff quarters A university student in Delhi was raped at the staff quarters of Rashtrapati Bhavan on Tuesday night by one of the staff members. An MSc student in Delhi has been allegedly raped by a staff member in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Police have...
  4. Rajput_Pakistani

    Quetta FC office under massive attack right now - 5 Afghan suicide bombers killed

    Suicide attack on FC headquarters. Firing still going on. Pak Army called in
  5. Rajput_Pakistani

    Sopore Massacre | Outcry in Delhi over Kashmir massacre

    25 years ago, on this day, Indian forces committed one of the worst atrocities in occupied Kashmir by massacre of 57 Kashmiris including women and children. They also set on fire the entire locality (more than 400 buildings). You might have heard a lot about fake massacres of Balochs, Pashtuns...
  6. Rajput_Pakistani

    A Meeting on Christmas Night Dacca, 25 Dec 1962

    Dr. Moeed Pirzada | “Mujibur Rahman was now in his elements. He said that the purpose of calling the meeting was to hand over to me a top secret letter to be forwarded to the Prime Minister of India in a diplomatic bag…I told him that apart from me, more importantly, it would be seen by two...
  7. Rajput_Pakistani

    Folk Singer Amad Khan Killed in Rajasthan For Sub-Standard Performance, Muslims Flee Village

    Folk Singer Amad Khan Killed in Rajasthan For Sub-Standard Performance, Muslims Flee Village THE CITIZEN BUREAU Tuesday, October 10,2017 JAIPUR: Caste and religion both worked against Amad Khan in village Dantal in Jaisalmer district a few days ago when he was unable to satisfy a village faith...
  8. Rajput_Pakistani

    Was plebiscite forestalled by Pakistan?

    Almost all Indians, when reminded of the promise of a plebiscite made to people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to ascertain their wishes, blame Pakistan for forestalling holding of one, primarily due to her failure to withdraw forces from the portion under her as prescribed under relevant UN...
  9. Rajput_Pakistani

    IoK: Namaz-e-Jinnaza of martyred Pak Soldiers

    While the Kashmir Valley remained shut on the 83rd day on Thursday, the police said the situation remained by and large peaceful. The security forces’ action led to a brief clash between the two sides, witnesses said. Srinagar: The police fired teargas canisters as a huge crowd on Thursday...
  10. Rajput_Pakistani

    Surgical strikes post URI by Imtiaz Gul

    Imtiaz Gul is a respectable journalist. Considering the track record of Zardari, I believe 100% in this narrative by author. The question now arises, are Indians again putting pressure through USA to allow for such an open field? Was OBL raid an example of such agreement? Can such a scenario...
  11. Rajput_Pakistani

    From Horse's Mouth

    Hi fellow Country men, Just came across few interesting Tweets from non other then a retired Indian Army Officer, who has served on LoC as well. Now working with Indian Express. I find his responses towards current escalation pretty sane. Rather then usual war mongering (which I am seeing even...
  12. Rajput_Pakistani

    1971 Crisis : THE GREAT CENTO LET DOWN

    During the 1971 war maj Gen (Retd) S WAJAHAT HUSSAIN, former Pakistan Ambassador to AUSTRALIA and GREECE was deputed by the government of Pakistan to mobilise logestic from our CENTO allies. His observations are a tremendous pointers to self-reliance Ambassador Maj Gen (Retd) S. Wajahat Hussain...
  13. Rajput_Pakistani

    4 Loud explosions on Wahdat Road, Lahore

    I dont know, what cause them but black smoke is rising. It was very terrifying :(
  14. Rajput_Pakistani

    Metro Bus Rawalpindi: Pillar fell on car

    A pillar of newly constructed Metro Bus Project, Rawalpindi fell on a car, critically injuring 4 passengers. Rescue teams are trying to evacuate the injured from car, which is still under the concrete pillar. Rawalpindi: Metro Bus Pillar Fell On Cars… 4 Injured
  15. Rajput_Pakistani

    bollywood lyrics R.I.P :omghaha:

  16. Rajput_Pakistani

    Firing at PTI Rally in Jehlum, 8 injured

    Firing at PTI rally in Jhelum injures 8 | ARY NEWS Gullu Butts in action again..
  17. Rajput_Pakistani

    ISPR Short film "Defender" wins at Rome Film Festival

    #Breaking: ISPR short film 'Defender' wins best Documentary Award in its category at Rome Film Festival. #Pakistan :pakistan:
  18. Rajput_Pakistani

    Rosetta's Philae Spacecraft landed on Comet Successfully

    Two hours after Philae separated from Rosetta the European Space Agency's control room in Darmstadt, Germany, recieved the first signal from the lander. This confirms that data will be received from the lander, such as images. Because of the length of time it takes for information to pass from...

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