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  1. Elmo

    Great beauty is often a curse

    Great beauty is often a curse Marianne Faithfull ’s confession this week that she had to dose herself up with drink and drugs to have sex will have come as a huge shock to the countless men who adored her. After all, she was the poster girl for free love, the epitome of cool in her...
  2. Elmo

    ‘Mini-budget’ presages massive hike in tariffs

    It is best to ignore such people. They cant do anything but will point out what is all wrong and what will go wrong. Quite sadistic honestly and not worth your time.
  3. Elmo

    any doctors in here??

    How will anyone here know this? Why dont you post your query at a more appropriate forum such as: https://www.facebook.com/pages/APPNA/305949531091?ref=stream Or contact these people directly for your answers: Dr. Musarrat Moon Dr. Rizwan Naeem Dr. Dr. Mehdi Ansari Dr. Jalil Khan Chair...
  4. Elmo

    'Brain drain' discourages young Pakistanis

    Why dont u reserve your judgments about the 'failures' in Pakistan. Much better than successes who live in other countries and have the gall to come and gloat at failures. What exactly has mr. successful starbucks coffee boy done for pakistan?
  5. Elmo

    Got married!

    @LaBong ... you are RimJhim Ray as in a she? I am confused. Best of luck for the future though!
  6. Elmo

    Joining army from abroad

    @Xeric would be the right person for that-
  7. Elmo

    Joining army from abroad

    Ummmm,..... better thing to do is stay where you are and pursue your undergrad degree. Just a little piece of friendly advice.
  8. Elmo


    To recover from that, you need to see this: Sleeping beauties: Photographer captures heartwarming pictures of newborn babies who have just entered the world | Mail Online
  9. Elmo

    my experience on defence forum Through video

    Full points for creativity @punjabiboy
  10. Elmo

    Lessons to learn better learn before a Divorce

    Lagta hai dil say aah nikli hai (it seems to have come straight from the heart). It's okay - passive aggressive women end up with actively aggressive men. May be the man needs to look at his ways.
  11. Elmo

    Lessons to learn better learn before a Divorce

    It takes two to tango. There is give and take. But you know what, one person in the relationship will always be more dominating, emotionally demanding and will get more love. That's just the way it is. So this whole theory of being equal does not translate in practice. Marriage, relationship...
  12. Elmo

    U.S. preps for possible cruise missile attack on Syrian gov't forces

    One of the most stupidest intervention if the US government were to go through it @CENTCOM
  13. Elmo

    Photographer gang-raped in Mumbai: police

    What is there to say astaghfar about? You think she has some squirt to remove whatever goes inside her? Gang rapes are disgusting things, and you really have to have no physical inhibitions with fluid of other men to go ahead with it,
  14. Elmo

    Photographer gang-raped in Mumbai: police

    No I think he meant given the gang-rapist tendencies of men in the region, she should just stay in safer areas. I dont understand why would you want to rape a woman who has been raped by other men before you and probably still has their fluid inside her.
  15. Elmo

    Old Laptop Advice and suggestions

    Yeah... but Macbooks also have hardware issues and not worth the cost. Have been using a lenovo for the last 3.5 years, still works as good as new. Just the battery been replaced.
  16. Elmo

    India and Pakistan: Border Disorder

    India and Pakistan Border disorder More violence along the line of control challenges the forces of reconciliation Aug 17th 2013 | DELHI AND ISLAMABAD |From the print edition THE ambush came a few hundred metres behind the Indian line of control, in Poonch, part of Indian-run Jammu and...
  17. Elmo

    Switzerland opens drive in 'sex boxes' to make prostitution safer

    The car I am assuming. Bigger question is, what about safety? And all the diseases that will float around. :girl_wacko:
  18. Elmo

    Switzerland opens drive in 'sex boxes' to make prostitution safer

    Switzerland opens drive in 'sex boxes' to make prostitution safer They look like shelters for hikers in a national park, but these wooden sheds in Switzerland have a rather less innocent purpose – they provide a discreet location for men to have sex with prostitutes. The...
  19. Elmo

    Car consuming too much fuel :(

    From a very American "tire" to a very British "tyre".... why the skip across the Atlantic? :D Yes a good mechanic would ease life, but is hard to find. I wish I had done a few courses of physics and automobile mechanics, might as well start now.
  20. Elmo

    Political Columns

    It is something that Jasmin Manzoor wrote in her piece that alibaz posted in post no. 193 She also wrote, "dont mistake my silence for my weakness" but oh well. Both of these are lost here.

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