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  1. Sher.Khan

    AAP's support to agitation against Kudankulam nuclear plant

    and the irony is that,the same party is promising a 50% cut in power tariffs in delhi state.....Its high time for AAP to conduct a survey on using its supporters fart to generate electricity.... Even the socialist(read anti national) commies in kerala are in support of kudankulamproject.
  2. Sher.Khan

    Thailand gives 300 kg gold to Gaya's Mahabodhi temple

    my comment was rather a humble suggestion,not to let that much wealth go waste.. btw,do you think that,it would be any beneficial to Buddhism, if bodh gaya's dome were covered in gold?? IMHO,this deed is quite a contradiction to what Lord Buddha had preached...
  3. Sher.Khan

    Polio virus strain in Syria confirmed as being from Pak : WHO

    :what:which sect??? shia or sunni...
  4. Sher.Khan

    Thailand gives 300 kg gold to Gaya's Mahabodhi temple

    i was merely suggesting not to waste that much wealth.it would've been of greater utility if it were diverted to more useful purposes.anyway their money,their wish! by that same logic,you will be obliged to accept western/saudi funded missionary/conversion works...
  5. Sher.Khan

    Thailand gives 300 kg gold to Gaya's Mahabodhi temple

    what is the point of wasting gold in all these religious places.I mean the antiques should be preserved,but why stacking up more and more wealth to these places.Indian govt should take that gold in exchange for equivalent amount of rupee(about 900crore),& this money should be utilized for...
  6. Sher.Khan

    Ex-army chief VK Singh tried to topple J&K government: Report

    :offtopic: why bringing irrelevent topics??? Ontopic:General VK singh is a man of highest morale and integrity......does congress think they can bend a man of such a high mental toughness and command? soon this case will be transfered to CBI.while it is an irony that CBI is more CONTROVERSIAL...
  7. Sher.Khan

    India’s Rising Hindu Nationalist

    :offpost: i demand an IP check:azn:
  8. Sher.Khan

    India’s Rising Hindu Nationalist

    he is not more anti muslim than the italian mafia.congress is solely responsible foer the isolation of muslims from the other communities how does that matter to you??? seems like a serious misrepresentaton of country flag,buddy!!:pakistan:
  9. Sher.Khan

    To our Indian members (questions regarding political views)

    as in post #11 Its only a question of the lesser evil. but i prefer BJP lead coalition over scamgress govt,bjp might have its hand in honey pot nonethless they are nationalistic.IMO,BJP should win with a clear cut majority(>210seats) but the Congress Party at the last instant is decisively...
  10. Sher.Khan

    Karnataka minister, staff jump into lake, save 6 from sinking car

    Good job. people like him are rare among the swindlers lot.
  11. Sher.Khan

    Karachi judge issues arrest warrants for Zaid Hamid, Mubashir Lucman

    how outrageous:pissed: hope he wont get a long term by any chance,totally boring without daily dose of zH comedy.
  12. Sher.Khan

    India welcomes Chinese investments in infrastructure sector

    like our beloved rahul baba,who have aced in every fields of administration
  13. Sher.Khan

    Muzaffarnagar riot politics: Why SP’s loss could be Congress’ gain

    atleast being a "chaiwala" is way more dignified than stooping into this level of Sycophancy,
  14. Sher.Khan

    Which Asian country map looks most beautiful?

    so is the case,for most of the south asians.
  15. Sher.Khan

    Jats sore at PM, Sonia for visiting only Muslim relief camps

    Soniaji, Rahul and PM have secured some more communal Votes for al khan gress party by visiting relief Muslim camps and shedding crocodile tears (only for the special photo OP for PR purpose ), it is competition between Congress and SP to corner Muslim Votes , so full sympathy with Muslims...
  16. Sher.Khan

    How general Chinese see Modi on Chinese forum

    and who are you to quote me???
  17. Sher.Khan

    How general Chinese see Modi on Chinese forum

    shoo,maggot..... The sickular congress is the biggest and worst example of how servile flattery and slavery is enforced and practiced in a modern democracy.the very same dynasty has held on to the reins of power for over 60 years. No other party in India comes close to them in terms of...
  18. Sher.Khan

    Lakhs Attend Modi's Rally Yesterday. Blasts Congress!

    then you are not so faithful as your name suggests..:omghaha: on topic:it seems LK Advani is finally in consonance over NaMo's anointment as the party's Prime Ministerial candidate. Reconciled? LK Advani praises Narendra Modi publicly | NDTV.com

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