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    Muslim joining the US military

    Hello everyone i wanted to ask all the brothers and sisters here about my struggle. I want to join the USMC (marine corps) and become a force recon. But many muslims in my community are calling me a traitor and telling me i should not go because i will be killing muslims. the way i look at it is...
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    can I join the PAF??

    well Im an American living in NY. my father is Pakistani. mother is not. ....I heard becuase of this is I cannot join. Also If im a muslim but not practicing I cant join either. Is any of this true? is it imppossible for me to join? I would like to join someday... but if i cant...well...
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    military training??

    I was wondering if the pak army or SF trains any other nation? and I heard that the SF in Pakistan trains the USA in some types of training which im not sure of... can anyone shed some light on this topic?
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    army and navy... bootcamp?

    ok is it possible to be trained (if you joined a branch of the military) in a different branch. lets say ur in the army can you switch to the navy?? im sure you have to take boot camp all over agian.... i was asking this becuz a frnd of mine, his father was in the usa army and also the navy...
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    French foriegn legion?

    ..ok i was thinking of joining the french foriegn legion because there "tougher than the rest" but i was also thinking of joining the pak army.... i seen the legions training and its is EXTERMELY TUFF most legionaires say its tuffer then almost any military in the world. how will it fair agiast...
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    a friend of mine has asthma and wants to join the army.........:[

    i dont know.......im a really close friend to him and he wanted to serve his whole life until he was diagnosed with asthma.....i dont know if he could join:confused: can someone help me out?...or how to break it to him? i mean i wish he could but im not sure i feel really really bad for him if...
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    Pakistan reserves?

    Hi I was thinking of joining the Pakistani Army one day. Im in the USA and I was wondering if Pakistan has a reservers for soilders who have training and may be called at any given time like in the USMC (united states marien core) for example if I have a job doing anything like... police...
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    2009 pakistan war

    barack obama has said that he will move troops into pakistan even without pakistans approoval because pakistan isnt doing enough and stilll has alot of work. what do you think about that? [url= - Barack Obama -- 2009 Pakistan War[/url]
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    indian Special foces or pakistani Special forces?

    In your opinion which do you prefer? which has better training? which has more competition,honor,and courage? i personally think indians are better trained because they pretty much defeated many SSG commandos during the early stages of pakistan like 1965 and siachen. the Indian army killed many...
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    How to become a SSG? Information

    Do i need certain experiance in the army? what are the major things I have to study besides the english language? Im well aware of there type of training its just the matter of getting in.
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    Pakistani snipers??

    Is there any information on pakistani snipers?.....after all snipers are very important, even in the war on terorr. I believe that if pakistan has a good grasp on sniping its military power would go up by a huge amount. For example the snipers in the USA that train in alaska are doing excellent...
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    pakistan FATA

    sweet video man it show the army wooping there a$$:guns::guns::sniper::sniper::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan::pakistan: [url= - Pakistani Army In FATA[/url]

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