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  1. gslv

    India top medals tally in historic ISSF World Cup outing

    NEW DELHI: A podium eluded them on the final day but India had done enough to finish their best-ever campaign at the ISSF World Cup in Guadalajara, Mexico, at the top of the medals tally with four gold, one silver and four bronze. Two-time Olympic champion Vincent Hancock of the USA won the...
  2. gslv

    Educational Videos

    I like good educational scientific videos like Vsauce , verrisattium , smarter every day, sixty symbols and i think there are a lot like me . I am posting the first one. please contribute. No offtopic please. and no religious stuff please .only science and logic.
  3. gslv

    What's you people's view on marijuana.

    Being a postgraduate student in medicine I read during all of my education years that weed is bad. I tried weed once out of curiosity as someone told me to list out bad effects of weed after searching from web. I tried but all the results show positive effects and few to none negative effects...
  4. gslv

    The Out of India Theory- Part 1 Chronology of the Rigveda

    @Levina @thesolar65 @Skull and Bones @ranjeet @Robinhood Pandey @Roybot
  5. gslv

    Blast at chinese embassy at Kyrgyzstan

    Several feared dead. RIP. Developing news.
  6. gslv

    Happy Independence day.

    Happy Independence day to all Indians. @thesolar65, @Nilgiri @anant_s @Levina (aunty:p:) and all. @joekrish @Joe Shearer @PARIKRAMA @Dash @Ryuzaki
  7. gslv

    Saudi Arabia revives ban on 'un-Islamic' Pokémon in response to app

    Saudi Arabia’s top clerical body has revived a 2001 religious edict prohibitingPokémon in response to public calls for guidance on the newly launched smartphone version of the game. The augmented-reality game Pokémon Go, which is based on a 1996 Nintendo game, has created a global frenzy as...
  8. gslv

    India sets an example in subsidised TB diagnosis

    There is a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy TB scenario in India. Of the 12 high-burden countries where the private sector is a major player in providing health care, the Indian private sector offers the cheapest price for the WHO-approved Xpert MTB/RIF, a molecular test for diagnosing TB...
  9. gslv

    Nano medicine breakthrough a giant leap for India

    CHANDIGARH: National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali has put India in the select club of countries that manufacture raw material for generating nano-crystal based medicines. Nano-crystals are tiny nanometre-sized particles of the drug that act faster and more...
  10. gslv

    3 American Men take out a Terrorist with an AK-47

    Three American men are being hailed as heroes for overpowering a heavily-armed Terrorist on a train in northern France. The incident happened on the high-speed Thalys service near Arras. A 26-year-old Moroccan man was arrested at Arras station. One of the Americans said they took an AK-47...
  11. gslv

    Jihadis threaten to slaughter British soldiers' wives and families as police issue social media warn

    Families of British servicemen have been ordered to stop sharing personal details on social media after extremists threatened to kill a solider’s wife in a letter direct to their home. Police are investigating a specific threat after Islamist fanatics shoved a sickening note through the door of...
  12. gslv

    Flying high : my life as an female pilot in india

    Priti Kohal’s love of flying began when she was a 16-year-old living in Mumbai. But her passion for planes started sitting in the driving seat on the open road, not wide-open skies. As a teenager, Kohal, now age 45, would take her parents’ car, unbeknownst to them, for joy rides around town. She...
  13. gslv

    In 1971 war, Navy had brush with mystery Nuclear submarine

    Mumbai: In a stunning revelation about the 1971 India-Pakistan war in a book written by a retired Indian Navy submariner, an Indian submarine had a brush with a hitherto unidentified nuclear submarine near Pakistani shores. According to the book Foxtrots of the Indian Navy, by Commodore P.R...
  14. gslv

    Nepal bans religious conversion in new draft constitution

    Christians and Muslims in Nepal are criticizing the draft version of a new constitution that bans religious conversion. Spurred to action by the recent earthquake, Nepal’s government introduced the draft for public comment on June 30, Reuters reported. Religious minorities are concerned about...
  15. gslv

    For MSM, “VYAPAM deaths” are the new “Communal attacks on Churches”

    Early this year, we had seen MSM go crazy over the narrative “Christians under attack from Hindu Right Wing”. Every alternate day there was some news about some church being “attacked” or “vandalized”. Most of these reports were based on preliminary information, while some of them were stemmed...
  16. gslv

    India's push to save its cows starves Bangladesh of beef

    DHAKA: Some 30,000 Indian soldiers guarding the border with Bangladesh have a new mandate under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government this year — stop cattle from crossing illegally into the Muslim-majority neighbour. Roughly every other night, troops armed with bamboo sticks and ropes wade...
  17. gslv

    Science The sixth mass extinction on Earth has officially begun and could threaten humanity's exis

    Earth is entering a mass extinction that threatens humanity's existence, researchers have declared. A team of American scientists claim that their study shows 'without any significant doubt' that we are entering the sixth great mass extinction on Earth. The study says that species are...
  18. gslv

    On a mission: This Hyderabad man fills over 1000 potholes using his pension money

    Be the change you wish to see in the world' When Mahatma Gandhi had said the above quote, he surely didn't think a lot of people would pay heed to it. And, to be fair, a lot of us don't. All we do is crib about how bad situations are, instead of stepping up and acting on them. However...
  19. gslv

    Raw behind injury of BD cricketers

    Folks , As the headline suggest the theory will be floated after injury of mahmudullah and mashrafe mortaza . rawamy league must be brought to justice . Opinions plz. Raw is trying overtly and covertly to defeat the bangla people. Chankyan ideology at action. @AugenBlick ...

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