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    Chinese Navy (PLAN) News & Discussions

    Maybe wikipedia isn't up to date but could someone tell how many minehunters PLAN operates? Looking at wiki minehunters make really small portion of the navy despite countries surrounding China arming themselves with naval mines. Common sense dictates that minehunting should be top priority...
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    Submarine Guide: Chinese Navy's Latest Type-039C Yuan Class

    That was older Song-class.
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    Estonia buys naval mines from Finland

    https://www.err.ee/1608270180/merevagi-soetab-soome-firmalt-meremiine Not your grandpas naval mine. https://forcitdefence.com/app/uploads/sites/18/2020/09/forcit-blocker-brochure-folded-A3-email-15052020.pdf
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    Mass shooting in the US, many dead

    United States is like an a third world warzone where massacres are weekly routine. I believe that when local white peoples numbers drop below 50% we'll see even more massacres rising from "economic anxiety". https://apnews.com/article/san-jose-shootings-873c4d8b0189f3f985ab3bc31ae5837f
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    Britain sends naval fleet to respond to China's aggression in the Indo-Pacific

    Some conservative brits still can't get over the fact that empire is dead and it's role as Americas buttler continues... of course China's Hong Kong policy only turns knife in the wound.
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    Which country will the USA invade next?

    Remeber how UK & US begun talking about Iraq before invasions? How Iraqis had massive wmd stockpiles and could maybe hit London in 45 minutes. UK is probably iching to flex it muscles with their new carriers therefore weaker country like Venezuela could be next target. That's all just me...
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    Top security official warns 'drums of war are beating' amid rising China tensions

    More to do with the fact that Chinas current power reminds brits that it's not an superpower anymore so it irks some brits a lot and Chinese actions in HK despite UK "warning Chinese from breaking deals" only turns the knife in the wound. Many brits have gotten over the fact that empire is gone...
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    Age of Members. Just curious.

    35 next month.
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    China-Australia relations: Scott Morrison’s speech ‘confusing’ but ‘well-crafted’, offers hope for thawing ties

    I'd assume Pompeo & Trump ordered Aussies to have harder stance against China while promising trade deals with them instead but as we know about conman Trump and his promises.... Australia has been thrown under the bus by US (same goes to Canada). Has anyone one followed Sky News Australias...
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    Joe Biden elected the 46th President of the United States

    After listening podcasts and watching videos about Biden's career he seems to be less protectionist and more friendly towards corporations. so I would assume he probably makes deals with Chinese what opens up their economy for more fair/protected foreign investments, better access for US...
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    US Politics: 2016-2020

    There won't be any civil war. Those conservative geardos always brandish their tacticool AR-15's and military gear but when it actually comes to "protecting confederate statues from anarchist marxist feminist mobs" with weapons as they always threat... suddenly those patriots have disappeared...
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    Head of nuclear weapons agency unexpectedly resigns

    I'd say it looks like a military coup preparations.
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    Pompeo: "There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration."

    Trump wont accept it and neither will his hardcore cultists. Courts have largery dismissed all legal actions put forward by Trump team so soon only way they can held the office is a military coup.
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    Featured Trump administration removes senior defense officials and installs loyalists, triggering alarm at Pentagon

    A lot of people think they are quietly preparing military coup as Trump doesn't have much to lose even if it fails, so at this point all depends on generals who are commanding military, and I'd assume good number would go against coup attempts. Uneasy times ahead if things are as they look...
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    America is a failing state. And establishment politics can’t solve the crisis

    lol, Bannon's "War Room" has disappeared from twitter after he said on livestream that FBI Director and Fauci should be hanged and their put on top of spears as a warning for other govt officials. He also demanded violent revolution... this all while on parole...
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    Featured United States 2020 General Elections - November 3rd

    After reading most recent tweets is safe to say that Trump is a proper lunatic.
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    Pakistan Army's VT-4 Main Battle Tank | Updates & Discussions

    It's similar to Russian ARENA where small explosive charge is fired and the blast destroys incoming rocket/missile. So far noboy has deployed that kinda system because it could pose a threat for infantry if they are near front of the tank when enemy missiles is destroyed.
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    Japan’s economy shrinks by record 28%, worst contraction since World War II

    How does that bring back growth? If the leader makes bad decisions it just sinks the country even further. Take a look at China... their so called wolf warrior diplomacy is a disaster.
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    A Russian Bazooka Misfire used by Shameless Indian media to smear China, so pathetic

    Nothing. They are still insisting that it's a Chinese video.
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    Featured France: Macron says Charlie Hebdo had right to publish Prophet Mohammed cartoons

    Muslim countries should learn from non-muslim countries otherwise muslim countries continue on their path of no progress as countries with freedoms are more likely to produce new things. Most functioning muslim majority countries are ruled by dictators or strongmen as they keep religious zealots...

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