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    More good news, Past 12 months safest year for IAF, ony 1 plane crashed

    What are the normal flying hours of different planes operated by IAF? And what are availability? It's really remarkable...
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    Ramdev’s Patanjali claims to have Covid-19 medicine, 100% recovery in 7 days

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    Indian Response

    Guys, as we know since incident on LAC, India is looking for hard response to send message across. I did some R&D and found that we can not do anything substantital. Please respond on my findings. 1. China does not play Cricket. 2. Chinese Actors do not come India for Bollywood. 3. China does...
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    Eye opener on HAL and their Misdeeds

    Here you go. It's very Scary article written by IN trainer pilot. It feels like we are cheated by HAL. The Truth Hurts, Says Indian Navy’s 1st Dhruv Flight Commander By Commander YASHODHAN MARATHE (Retd.) I’m a second generation helicopter pilot and have been flying rotary wing machines...
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    Poll on IA operation against Chinese Chop Chop operation

    Guys as you know China is posturing aggressively on Laddakh border and started operation Chop Chop to invade and occupy Laddakh. Please participate in poll in respect to IA operation against Chinese Chop Chop operation. @IndianPosters, to get aware of Operation Chop Chop, please visit below PDF...

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