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  1. vishwambhar

    MIG-29 K.... Nothing Short of a Demon in the Air

    I hope to see BRAHMOS MINI soon operational on these beasts.....
  2. vishwambhar

    Featured After China & Pakistan, India & Vietnam Emerging As The Next ‘Iron Brothers’ Of Asia – Experts

    China’s belligerence in the South China Sea has drawn the ire of several neighbours including Vietnam who has sharply contested Beijing’s ever-expanding claims. Vietnamese Ambassador to India, Pham Sanh Chau, recently made a ‘courtesy call’ to Indian foreign secretary Harsh Shringla, about...
  3. vishwambhar

    Turkish troops entered Greece today

    About 35 soldiers have reportedly marched onto a floodplain site on the east bank of the River Evros near the town of Feres on the disputed border between Turkey and Greece. Special forces and infantry set up a camp with a small Turkish flag flying from a tree and rejected Greek demands to...
  4. vishwambhar


    Dear Spanish members.... I know it's not right time to open such threads as we are all fighting against Covid 19... hope your country a speedy recovery.... I always had this question about Gibraltar in my mind.... it's a territory which is on the mainland Spain.... A beautiful area with...
  5. vishwambhar

    Countries with most beautiful Map

    I was looking at world atlas today and suddenly realised that it's India who is blessed with most beautiful Map among the all countries in world... Just look at her carefully it looks like a standing human with his arms Gujarat and NE resting on his waist..... Kashmir looks like a face and...
  6. vishwambhar

    India rescued 23 bangladeshis

    23 Bangladeshis evacuated from Wuhan on special Indian flight Twenty-three Bangladeshi Nationals were evacuated from China’s Wuhan city on a special Indian flight, Indian High Commission said in a Facebook post. Photo: Collected Star Online Report Twenty-three Bangladeshi nationals were...
  7. vishwambhar

    Question to Burmese friends

    Dear Burmese friends.... I always wanted to know the meaning of Myanmar.. also the reason why Burma changed its name to Myanmar.... myself I like the name Burma.... what about you guys? You like to call it Burma or Myanmar? I have visited your neighboring country Thailand which is really a...
  8. vishwambhar

    Russian weapons missing in Indian army

    Hello guys I always feel that below are some Russian weapons which surprisingly were not purchased by India whose military is largely powered by Russian weapons.... Below are those great weapons MIG 31 (we purchased MIG 25s but after retiring those we didn't upgrade ourselves with Foxhound)...
  9. vishwambhar

    Hello everyone!!! I am from India

    Dear All, I am Vishwambhar from India... I am from Goa actually but stay in Mumbai... I am really happy to be a part of PDF... Defense related topics always charge me on though myself I am from sales & marketing background... That's why from so many months I used to only read the topics on...

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