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  1. Dil Pakistan

    India Between Rock and a Hard Place

    I want to discuss the current developing scenario from India's perspective. Where India stands now? Why India stands here? What lies ahead? To understand these three questions we need to visit the New World Order paradigm. The idea of New World Order was to create an order of uni-polar world...
  2. Dil Pakistan

    BVR Combat tactics explained

  3. Dil Pakistan

    How To Bring Down IAF's Finest Toys - "thinking out of the box".

    Hello, I am starting this thread to expand the possibilities for PAF. One idea has come to mind. How about if we integrate PL-15 with F7-PG and pitch it against M-2000, SU-30-MKI and even the new toy (Rafale) ?? :p::p: F7-PG has several advantages. It is a fantastically fast aircraft...
  4. Dil Pakistan

    Has Pak Army got a "War Plan" or are they "Cowards"?

    @War Thunder ; @Verve ; @PakSword ; @Markhoor In the last few days I have develop hypothesis / theory regarding the approach of Pak Army / Pak Govt. I want to share with you, with hope to have a debate on this. Here it is: What we see is, and how we see, the approach of our Army and Govt. is...
  5. Dil Pakistan

    Religious Parties gather in Mardan to Demand Release of 33-Men Convicted in Mishaal Murder case

  6. Dil Pakistan

    A geostrategic scenario of a "HOT WAR" at the Western border of Pakistan

    Let us create a Hot War Scenario on the Western border of Pakistan, in the context of events in the last 72-hours: COAS of Pak Army giving an in-camera briefing in Senate - an unprecedented event. USA blowing hot air from it's front and "back side" towards Pakistan. An "existing air" that...
  7. Dil Pakistan

    US bringing the war from Syria & Iraq to Afghanistan - IS rise in AFG

    There are reports that US is bringing IS in Afghanistan with some alarming events surrounding this induction: IS is being provided shelter inside the American base IS even has a radio broadcast of its own inside Afghanistan Alongside the above there is massive recruitment in full swing from...
  8. Dil Pakistan

    Pakistan Army Chief: The Popularity is Real

    GUYS: .......enjoy..... Why is Pakistan's army chief all over social media? - BBC News Is the army general more popular than the prime minister in Pakistan and what does that means for democracy? BBC Urdu's Amber Shamsi investigates. Just off the main road between the political capital and...

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