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    Russia is ready to develop jointly with Turkey a long-range air defense ...

    Russia is ready to develop jointly with Turkey a long-range air defense complex based on S-300 surface-to-air missile systems, state arms seller Rosoboronexport head Sergei Ladygin said on Sunday. Turkey launched a tender for the purchase of long-range air defense systems long ago but no winner...
  2. Ir.Tab.

    Updated statistics: Total number of personnel 678,617!

    Turkish General Staff updated their statistics on personnel. Turkish General Staff updated their statistics on personnel. According to the web site of the Turkish General Staff, the total number of personnel of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) stands at 678,617. Total number of personnel of TSK...
  3. Ir.Tab.

    Qatari emir buys six Greek islands

    Qatari Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani has bought six privately owned Greek islands in the Ionian Sea for a total of 8.4 million euros. One of the wealthiest men in the world, the emir bought the isles in order to build palaces to please his 24 children and three wives, according to reports...
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    Turkish trade vision: "World as a market"

    Zafer Caglayan, Turkish economy minister said, Turkey broke exports record with 97 countries in 2012 as the new vision sees the world as a market. Turkey's exports increased by 13.1 percent year-on-year in 2012 and scored $152.5 billion in 2012. Among the countries who announced their annual...
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    Cuda missile

    Details emerge about Lockheed’s Cuda missile: More details are emerging about Lockheed Martin's prospective Cuda hit-to-kill missile system. According to a company product card being distributed at the Air Force Association's Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Florida, the weapon is a...
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    Lockheed dispute clouds Turkey’s F-35 commitment

    Turkey has been one of the keenest partners in the multinational Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) consortium, but major disputes with the leading manufacturer in this huge program have weakened Turkish enthusiasm. Last month, Turkey’s defense procurement authorities announced they were postponing...
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    Commission urges members to speed up Turkey's accession

    European Commission has urged EU member states to take action to accelerate Turkey's membership negotiations European Commission has urged EU member states to take action to accelerate Turkey's membership negotiations following statements from Germany and France that a new policy area could...
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    Jordan welcomes 'big brother' Turkey’s return to Middle East

    Jordan’s PM welcomes the return of Turkey, which he described as ‘the big brother,’ to the Middle East. ‘Turkey has had a very important comeback,’ he says Believing that a secular and modern Turkey could contribute more to averting sectarian or any other sort of conflicts in the Middle...
  9. Ir.Tab.

    Attack UAV Development Program (Lot IV)

    Attack UAV Development Program (Lot IV) Objective : To design and develop an armed UAV System with advanced reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities in order to fullfill the requirement of Turkish Air Force. Scope : Preliminary and Conceptual Design of the System. (+ 2 landing system...
  10. Ir.Tab.

    Greater civilian control over the Armed Forces

    Turkey to restructure civil-military relations All parties in the charter-drafting panel take a step toward ensuring greater civilian control over the Armed Forces, putting it under ministerial scrutiny Parliament’s Constitution Conciliation Commission appears set to take important...
  11. Ir.Tab.

    Radar Signature Prediction and Analysis Software (RIKA)

    A software provided by C2Tech C2Tech is a solution provider in information technologies that has brought together specialists with profound experience and qualified infrastructure in the areas of Modeling and Simulation Satellite Communication Network Packet Processing and Cyber...
  12. Ir.Tab.

    An introduction to Turkish shipyard industry

    Turkish shipyard industry is among largest shipyard industries in the world. However I found it in a very unknown state at this forum. Firstly lets to have a look at a 2011 report of OECD Council The industry has quality certified shipyards that can build ships, yachts, mega-yachts, and sailing...
  13. Ir.Tab.

    What is your idea about the possibility of secularism in Iran?

    It is very interesting for me to know to how extend this topic is popular within Iranians. All discussion about: secularism, pros & cons of secularism, the readiness of the nation, the importance of religion in diplomacy, contradicts of religion and politic, pros & cons of religious...
  14. Ir.Tab.

    Making peace with PKK, Pros and Cons!

    Except MHP, all other major parties in Turkey have a positive point of view about peace making procedure in Turkey. The unity of Turkey is the most important concern attributed with the issue. The aim of this thread is to discuss whether this peace will endangers unity of Turkey or will give...
  15. Ir.Tab.

    SOM development for F35 is official now.

    F-35 Müşterek Taaruz Uçağı (JSF) Uyumlu Hassas Güdümlü Akıllı Füze (HGAF) Stand-off Ammunition
  16. Ir.Tab.

    GATE Elektronik has started to design and produce prototype Passive Radar

    GATE Elektronik has started to design and produce prototype Passive Radar System which is able to receive , render and identificate the signals coming from ballistic missiles or other sources such as living targets.
  17. Ir.Tab.

    A new projec: ISR manned aerial vehicle (GÖREN)

    Any photos or information about the project: IHA.P12.01 Gören İnsanlı keşif Uçağı Geliştirme Projesi (GÖREN) Apparently it will be an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aerial vehicle.
  18. Ir.Tab.

    Azerbaijani and Iranian border guards to hold joint military exercises

    Iranian and Azerbaijani border guards will hold military exercises along the border zone. The relevant article is reflected in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two countries' deputy border service chiefs in Ardabil, APA reports quoting “Iran News” agency. Note that, the two...
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