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  1. deckingraj

    Centre to provide mid-day meal in madrasas imparting mainstream education

    The Centre has decided to provide mid-day meal to students of madrasas imparting mainstream education, a move that comes ahead of the Assembly elections in five states including Uttar Pradesh. Speaking to reporters here after addressing the annual conference of state minorities commissions...
  2. deckingraj

    Partial security for farmers

    In the aftermath of the move to demonetise the economy, the midpoint of the Narendra Modi government, November 26, went almost unnoticed. Normally, the mid-point of a government’s tenure is an occasion to pause and reflect. We do that here with reference to agriculture, which engages half of the...
  3. deckingraj

    NSG ends India's ‘clean' waiver

    can someone informed shares what does this actually means?? The Hindu : News / National : NSG ends India's ‘clean' waiver
  4. deckingraj


    New Delhi: Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani could be facing sedition charges for allegedly giving "hate speeches" at a seminar on azadi for Kashmir, held in Delhi a few days ago. This "hate speech" by the Kashmiri separatist leader led to protests by, among others, the BJP, which accused...
  5. deckingraj

    US’s decade-long Pakistan strategy has failed, says Robert Blackwill

    The US’s strategy towards Pakistan over the past decade, which involves providing it economic and military help in a bid to influence its behaviour, has failed, said Robert Blackwill, a former U.S. ambassador to India, on Monday. For that reason, this is a very good time for the US to...
  6. deckingraj

    How is TAPI different from IPI

    Hello friends...I was going through the below given news The Hindu : News / National : TAPI pipeline: India signs important pacts I am puzzled how this deal is going through whereas there were/are lot of hurdles when it comes to IPI... Please remember that one of the irritant for GOI...
  7. deckingraj

    Nearly 2 lakh farm suicides since 1997

    Nearly 2 lakh farm suicides since 1997 There were at least 16,196 farmers’ suicides in India in 2008, bringing the total since 1997 to 199,132, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). The share of the Big 5 States or ‘suicide belt’ in 2008 — Maharashtra...
  8. deckingraj

    BSF warns Pakistan Rangers of retaliation

    BSF warns Pakistan Rangers of retaliation After a series of rocket attacks in Punjab, the Border Security Force has warned that future incidents of hostile fire could invite calibre-for-calibre retaliation across the India-Pakistan border. BSF Deputy Inspector-General of Police Mohammad...
  9. deckingraj

    Terrible experience in US security checks(Boston Logan)

    Hi All I have a terrible experience during immigration to US today and wanted to share it with members.... Intentions : Before i start i would like to make my intention clear about opening the thread...I treat US as my second home and want to do something about the terrible experience that i...
  10. deckingraj

    Doubts mount on Pakistan’s 26/11 investigation

    Doubts mount on Pakistan’s 26/11 investigation “I want to assure all those who have been victims of terrorism,” Pakistan’s Interior Ministry Chief Rehman Malik told journalists in February, “that we mean business.” Less than a year on, charges filed by the...
  11. deckingraj

    Nodal Group soon for news flow during major crisis like 26/11

    Nodal Group soon for news flow during major crisis like 26/11 The government is in the final stages of setting up an Empowered Nodal Group which could act as a single point authority for disbursement of news in the event of major crisis like Mumbai terror attack. This group is being set up...
  12. deckingraj

    Hurriyat leader Qureshi shot at, condition critical

    Hurriyat leader Qureshi shot at, condition critical Senior Hurriyat leader Fazal Haq Qureshi was shot in the head by suspected terrorists at Soura on Friday evening. Mr. Qureshi, considered as one of the moderate separatists, was shot by terrorists when he was coming out of the mosque in...
  13. deckingraj

    India, U.S. in talks for Malabar joint services war game

    India, U.S. in talks for Malabar joint services war game India and U.S. are in talks to convert their bilateral Malabar series of naval exercises into a joint services war game involving their navies, air forces and marine commandos. U.S. Pacific Command chief Admiral Robert F. Willard, who...
  14. deckingraj

    ‘Significant’ troops withdrawal in J&K

    ‘Significant’ troops withdrawal in J&K The Centre announced on Wednesday its intention to draw down a “significant number of battalions” from Jammu & Kashmir and reiterated its commitment to hold “quiet talks with all Kashmiri groups” far away from the media. Speaking on two occasions in...
  15. deckingraj

    Reason of Locking the thread

    Hi All I was wondering if it make sense for posting one last message in the thread explaining the reason why the thread is being closed before actually closing it??? I am not sure if there is other way of finding it out but if not a big deal for the mods then will help in increasing...

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