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  1. acetophenol

    Help Needed!-Articles on military knowledge

    Hello dear friends, I am about to do a small study on the military knowledge of civilians in a particular area. For this, I would like some information on like minded studies done by others or newspaper articles on the military knowledge. Thanks in advance:-)
  2. acetophenol

    Introduction to Dinkoism

  3. acetophenol

    Flag Day-Pakistan

    Today is Pakistan's flag day, the National Assemble of Pakistan approved its flag on this day. Congrats to all Pakistani friends on this occassion.
  4. acetophenol

    An Indian Made Ship with Chinese Weapons Operated by Sri Lanka

    Meet SLNS Sayura! She was acquired by Sri Lankan navy from India in 2000. SLNS Sayura was formerly INS Sarayu, designed and built by Hindustan Shipyard Ltd in 1991. While in Sri Lankan service, she was fitted with Chinese YJ-82 anti ship missiles. So she holds the distinction of a Indian made...
  5. acetophenol

    No bar on dress, headgear for medical entrance, clarifies CBSE

    The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) said on Wednesday that there was no bar on wearing customary dress for candidates appearing for the pre-medical retest. However, the board has asked such candidates wearing them to report early so that they can be frisked. The circular comes a few...
  6. acetophenol

    Help wanted!- Micro-controller, Robotics, Zigbee-Please Help!

    Hello friends, I have very very limited knowledge about micro-controllers and stuff, anyone with knowledge in those fields please help me A robot needs to use PIC 16F877A micro-controller and that can be controlled from a laptop using a 2.4Ghz Zigbee. So how do we program the PIC16F877A...
  7. acetophenol

    Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Ring Laser Gyroscope-For Beginners by a beginner!

    Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Ring Laser Gyroscope-For Beginners by a beginner! Inertial Navigation System is a type of navigation system, used to guide aircrafts, guided missiles etc. There are many other types of guidance systems also, like radar guidance, satellite guidance etc. For...
  8. acetophenol

    Having No Religion but Still Believing in God

    Whats you opinion about not following any religion? I mean, believe in god, just don't follow any particular religion. Religions are often seen as pathways for reaching god, to lead a good life. How about believing in god without following a particular path. I mean, do not follow the customs...
  9. acetophenol

    What has LCA Tejas given to India?

    This is an attempt to compile the facilities and technologies gained as a part of the LCA Tejas program Autolay -CAD software developed by ADA as a part of LCA Program -Licensed to Airbus and Infosys -Airbus alone gave $3.2 million USD ADA-Aircraft Development Agency -An agency to oversee...
  10. acetophenol

    Bring Back [IMG][/IMG] !!

    @WebMaster ,@Horus Please bring back guys! Its miserable to see mere links where we used to see the pics! You can encourage members to attach images in the future!
  11. acetophenol

    Indian-assisted railway lineopened in Sri Lanka's former warzone

    COLOMBO: A nearly 400-km long Jaffna- Colombo railway line, reconstructed with Indian assistance in Sri Lanka's former war zone, was today inaugurated by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, 24 years after it was shut down during the civil war. The government hopes that the reopening of the rail link...
  12. acetophenol

    An Option to Remove Tag

    Several members tags each others, and we get alert for each tag. This alert is repeated when the original post is replied with quote. Can we have an option to remove the tag from original post if the user desires?
  13. acetophenol

    Do You Think Rivalry Between India and Pakistan is For a Valid Reason?

    Ladies and Gentlemen of this great forum,this is Acetophenol speaking,and this may sound a little stupid,but I wanna ask you folks a question. What,in your opinion is the reason for the rivalry between India and Pakistan? And do you think its justified? Here's my take: -Hell No.I simply...
  14. acetophenol

    Royal Enfield EntersColombia With Corbeta Group

    Royal Enfield has gone from on the verge of shutting down, to achieving its best monthly sales over the past few years. The brand is going all out aglobal and one more location added to that list of countries is Colombia. The Corbeta group has been officially announced as their partner in the...
  15. acetophenol

    Bahrain asks HAL to maintain its Hawk fleet

    Bahrain has asked the state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) to maintain the advanced jet trainer Hawk fleet of its air force. "Bahrain's transport minister Kamal bin Ahmed Mohamed, who also looks after his country's defence, urged our chairman R.K. Tyagi to provide technical support to the...
  16. acetophenol

    A Separate Section for Palestine?

    As a symbol of our support,lets have a separate section for Palestine,as a nation. Like we have sections for India,Bangladesh etc.
  17. acetophenol

    Indian Automobile Giant 'Hero MotoCorp' enters Columbia

    In keeping with its vision of expanding its global footprint to as many as 50 countries by 2020, Hero MotoCorp Ltd (HMCL), the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, marked yet another significant milestone in its journey to global expansion –the formation of its wholly-owned subsidiary in...
  18. acetophenol

    Your Favorite Movie Characters and Scenes!

    Post your favorite movie characters and scenes! Mine: 1.Penguins of Madagascar! Elite special forces team,there's no match for these terror in black and white! 2.Burt Gummer,Heather Gummer (Tremors)
  19. acetophenol

    Help with Dell Laptop

    My Dell Inspiron series laptop won't go past the Dell logo.it keeps flashing the dell logo. Can anyone help me? OS is Win7 Ultimate.
  20. acetophenol

    Ugliest Looking Indian Vehicles

    Some of the ugliest looking vehicles from India,my pick: Mahindra Quanto Maruti Suzuki Zen "Classic" TATA Iris

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