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  1. Śakra

    China, India, Russia consider joint front to counter Trump’s trade war

    Leaders of the three countries will hold their second trilateral meet during G-20 summit in Osaka China on Monday confirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will hold their second trilateral summit in Osaka to counter...
  2. Śakra

    India planning space station

  3. Śakra

    2019 Exit Polls

    Please add as numbers come in and discuss
  4. Śakra

    Sinopec, CNPC skip Iran oil purchases for May to avoid U.S. sanctions

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) - China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec Group) and China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), the country's top state-owned refiners, are skipping Iranian oil purchases for loading in May after Washington ended sanction waivers to turn up pressure on Tehran, three people with...
  5. Śakra

    IT'S OFFICIAL: Trump ramps up tariffs on China, escalating the high-stakes trade war

    President Donald Trump on Friday more than doubled the tariff rate on roughly $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, a move that sets the stage for retaliation from Beijing and that significantly raises the stakes in a yearlong trade war between the world's largest economies. After accusing...
  6. Śakra

    Iran's Latest Inflation Figure Tops 50 Percent - Food Prices Jump 85 Percent

    Iran’s latest monthly inflation rate has hit 51.4 percent, according to the Iranian Statistical Center (ISC). The first month of the Iranian year (March 21-April 20) showed a more than 50 percent rise in prices compared to the same month last year. ISC also reported that the inflation rate in...
  7. Śakra

    PCB pays USD 1.6 million to BCCI after losing case in ICC's Dispute Resolution Committee

    The Pakistan Cricket Board has paid the BCCI approximately USD 1.6 million as compensation after losing the case in the ICC's Dispute Resolution Committee, PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani claimed on Monday. "We incurred costs of around USD 2.2 million on the compensation case which we lost," Mani said...
  8. Śakra

    Indian Republic Day Parade Live

  9. Śakra

    Many Countries Interested In Importing India's Train 18 Set: Railway Officials

    New Delhi: Peru, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and some countries in the Middle East have expressed interest in importing the Railways' state-of-the-art Train 18, a senior official said today, even as the project awaits its first commercial run. Train 18 which has run at a maximum speed of...
  10. Śakra

    Iran satellite launch, which U.S. warned against, fails

    GENEVA (Reuters) - Iran’s bid to launch a satellite has failed, Telecoms Minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi said on Tuesday, after it ignored U.S. warnings to avoid such activity. Washington warned Tehran this month against undertaking three planned space rocket launches that it said would...
  11. Śakra

    China passes law to make Islam 'compatible with socialism'

    China passes law to make Islam 'compatible with socialism' China has passed a new law that seeks to "Sinicize" Islam within the next five years, the latest move by Beijing to rewrite how the religion is practised. China's main English newspaper, Global Times, reported on Saturday that after a...
  12. Śakra

    Robert Fulford: Iran's evil is spreading. Who's still to accept this?

    Nikki Haley, the outgoing American representative at the United Nations, once defined her problem with Iran. She said that everywhere there’s trouble, you find Iran at work. The Iranians shouldn’t be annoyed by that comment. In fact, it sounds like an accurate account of their strategy. They...
  13. Śakra

    Two Christian brothers sentenced to death for web blasphemy in Pakistan

    Two Christian brothers have been sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan, weeks after Asia Bibi was acquitted of the same crime following international outcry. Qaiser and Amoon Ayub from Lahore were sentenced to hang by a district judge after being convicted of insulting the Prophet...
  14. Śakra

    Remittances Slow Massive 400 Million in November

    KARACHI: Remittances sent home by overseas Pakistani workers slowed down by a massive $400 million, or 20%, to $1.6 billion in November 2018, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reported on Monday. This will pile pressure on the rupee against the US dollar and will further undermine the country’s...
  15. Śakra

    Abu Dhabi Investment Authority to invest $50 billion into India: Suresh Prabhu

    Abu Dhabi Investment Authority to invest $50 billion into India: Suresh Prabhu https://m.timesofindia.com/india/abu-dhabi-investment-authority-to-invest-50-billion-into-india-suresh-prabhu/amp_articleshow/66988914.cms
  16. Śakra

    Haiti is now almost completely deforested

    If you want to see just how destructive runaway deforestation can be to a major landmass, you need look no further than Haiti. The Caribbean nation was once covered in trees, with 60 percent of its landmass forested. Today, the country's original primary wooded areas are almost barren. It's an...
  17. Śakra

    US agrees to grant India waiver from Iran sanctions

    New Delhi: The US has broadly agreed to grant India a waiver from Iran sanctions after the Indian side decided to cut oil imports from Tehran by about a third in 2018-19, sources familiar with the matter said, adding that an official announcement could be made over the next few days. The US...
  18. Śakra

    Youtube down Worldwide

    https://heavy.com/tech/2018/10/youtube-down/ Time to switch Youku.

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