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  1. Śakra

    Modi and his crazy sanghis revoke democracy for Kashmir (Article 370 of Indian Occupied Kashmir)

    No. 35a is a clarification on 370. If 370 is gone so is 35a
  2. Śakra

    Airlines food experiences.

    I just bring a sandwich or two from the departure deli instead of eating airline food
  3. Śakra

    Pakistan must pay a total of US $ 5.840 Billion including interest to TCC in damage : ICSID

    https://eurasiantimes.com/impoverished-pakistan-slapped-with-whopping-5-9-billion-penalty-by-icsid/ Impoverished Pakistan Slapped With Whopping $5.9 Billion Penalty By ICSID The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) is an international arbitration institution to...
  4. Śakra

    Pakistan PM Imran Khan not invited at Eastern Economic Forum, clarifies Russia

    Hahaha delicious. They are a people quick to celebrate. Remember when they thought they struck an oil reserve larger than Kuwait’s and they were talking like they were sheiks already? Funny!
  5. Śakra

    New Taxes Will Kill Digital TV in Pakistan Before It Becomes Mainstream

    Less TV and more God in these trying times.
  6. Śakra

    MBS in Osaka G20 Summit 2019

    Great videos. I think people look their best in their culture’s clothes.
  7. Śakra

    MBS in Osaka G20 Summit 2019

    Nehru suit
  8. Śakra

    Rupee loses further ground to trade at 164.5

    If they understood exchange rates and economics, their economy wouldn’t be in free fall while their people scream in unison “this is good for exports”. Meanwhile, they export that can scale or take advantage of this new reality.
  9. Śakra

    MBS in Osaka G20 Summit 2019

    Only Modi and MBS wear their national costumes. Everyone else wears Western suits.
  10. Śakra

    Rupee loses further ground to trade at 164.5

    Ghabrana nahi
  11. Śakra

    US dollar reaches Rs160 in interbank market

    Lol you have nothing to export. Even your own people don’t want local products.
  12. Śakra

    Over 1 lakh additional names excluded from draft NRC list

    We’re taking our country back from these Islamists.
  13. Śakra

    China, India, Russia consider joint front to counter Trump’s trade war

    Leaders of the three countries will hold their second trilateral meet during G-20 summit in Osaka China on Monday confirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will hold their second trilateral summit in Osaka to counter...
  14. Śakra

    Trump approved cyber-strikes against Iran’s missile systems

    It will be similar to the Stuxnet attack on centrifuges https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuxnet
  15. Śakra

    Trump approved cyber-strikes against Iran’s missile systems

    Be careful USA has the ability to overload your power plants causing a permanent nationwide outage
  16. Śakra

    Is Saudi Arabia exploiting Mecca?

    Damn you iranis are so full of hate.
  17. Śakra

    China $700 billion water diversion project benefits over 100 million people

    100% confirmed Indo-Vietnamese. Namaste Mr. Nguyen, we DOXXED u

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