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  1. SecularNationalist

    Why a rich Muslim is a better Muslim

    Why we should be more focused on promoting and doing business than a typical job. Ummah brigade should listen to this before they call themselves superior than anyone else.
  2. SecularNationalist

    Learn English from the indians

    It really sucks when you realize that all those years you have been teached wrong pronunciations. I am feeling betrayed 😞
  3. SecularNationalist

    A tribute to Air Cdr Sattar Alvi

    In a midst of what is happening with Gaza these days. Let's not forget once upon a time there were Pakistani heroes who flew thousands of kilometers away from Pakistan just to give a bloody nose to Israel.
  4. SecularNationalist

    1 millions more indians are going to die by june

    At least 25-30 thousand indians are dying everyday from covid and government is reporting 3-4k deaths a day. What a joke. If we do the math then 2.7 million indians are already dead from covid.
  5. SecularNationalist

    Humanity at it's lowest point in india

    Now even the dead are not safe in india. Despite all the suffering and pain they are going through ,they haven't learn anything from their mistakes and sins which brought them to this misery. Or perhaps they are following what their supreme leader modi often says "aapada me avsar" (turning a...
  6. SecularNationalist

    RSS and BJP new low

    Now media isn't allowed inside cremetoriums because they are reporting true numbers.
  7. SecularNationalist

    India,s covid cremation grounds ,false official statistics

    Ground realities speaking one hell of a truth...
  8. SecularNationalist

    Americans and their geography

    Is this is the world's best education system americans brag about? I guess that's why they keep invading the wrong countries lol.
  9. SecularNationalist

    Genocide of buddhists by brahmin hindus in ancient india

  10. SecularNationalist

    Return of the soviet union

    @vostok за победа товарищ :cheers:
  11. SecularNationalist

    Upcoming power gap in pakistani politics

    Hello dear members I have been thinking about this for a long time so today I thought i should ask this question here to get your opinions. As we know the PML (N) and PPP are almost out of pakistani politics . Their corruption and the damage they caused to pakistan for personal gains is...
  12. SecularNationalist

    Shameless copywood of india

    Sung with primitive instruments but still surpass the huge bollywood budget. Original is original. These bollywood swines have no integrity. Original by sabz ali bugti in 2005 Copy
  13. SecularNationalist

    Indian army jokers roasted by Raja Jee

    Guys just another proof the brain damage in indian population is very real. But somehow I feel this time even amitabh bachan was thinking that even he didn't see such action in his long career in bollywood.
  14. SecularNationalist

    Peshawarites report in

    Hi there There are some lockdown restrictions so that's why asking. Please members living in Peshawar tell me about the outdoor dining or some kind of seating arrangement is currently available at restaurants in Peshawar?
  15. SecularNationalist

    Hindu man harassing Imam masjid and other Muslims

    Forget about bajrang dal and RSS see the behavior of a normal Hindu towards Muslims in india. Salute to the great jinnah for predicting this 70 years ago.

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