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  1. Aamir Hussain


    The Bombing of Waziristan In this rugged hiding place, outlaws like Osama bin Laden are rarely run to ground. The British learned that lesson in 1939. • By Graham Chandler • Air & Space Magazine, July 01, 2011 Since March 2007, Royal Air Force pilots of 39 Squadron have patrolled...
  2. Aamir Hussain

    Never fight a land war in Asia -- Robert Gates

    Here is an articles that can of interest to those who want to have a view on possible future US Policies in the region. Never Fight a Land War in Asia March 1, 2011 | 0947 GMT By George Friedman U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, speaking at West Point, said last week that...
  3. Aamir Hussain

    Naming Sequnece of PN ships

    Just though I would list all the names of PN ships over the years given to various classes owned by PN at time or another. I have restricted the list to major Surface Combatants only. Read as: Genere/ Current Mid Early Years Names Battles Badar...
  4. Aamir Hussain

    Excess Defense Articles Supplied By US

    Tought I would share this with the members the details of EDA supplied by US from 2002 onwards: EDA Transfers to Pakistan 2002: None 2003 a. T-37N a/c 19 Nos. Delivered US$ 3.871M b. AH-1F Cobra 40 Nos. Delivered US$ 263.175M 2004 a. F-16 370G Fuel Tanks 50...
  5. Aamir Hussain

    INFO. ON GSG-5

  6. Aamir Hussain

    INFO. ON GSG-5

    AoA. Can any one share their experience with GSG-5? (The 0.22 Clone of MP-5) I have just received my all Pakistan rifle licence -- thinking about buying the GSG-5 ---- it looks serious stuff specvially when equipped with the tactical sight and the grip. Would appreciate a response...
  7. Aamir Hussain

    Possible IFV's for PA

    I was just wondering if we can shed some light on possible PA's requirment for IFV's for Mech Infantry Units in Plains of punjab & Deserts of Sindh, and Armoured Infantry Carriers to be used in Urban or Moutaineous terrain. To me it seems like the workhorse M113 is fast comming to its end of...

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