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  1. DelhiDareDevil

    Hello Indian/Delhi Members - Need Help

    Yeh, these people are scared over little cases, as they kids are under 5 yrs old. Its disappointing really, scared after watching OTT Indian news channel talk 24/7 about swine flu And BBC articles on India swine flu BBC News - India swine flu outbreak 'kills 94'
  2. DelhiDareDevil

    Hello Indian/Delhi Members - Need Help

    Well simply im from England and all of us are going to Delhi next week for a wedding and some people are not going because of swine flu. I just like to know, how serious is the case of swine flu in India/Delhi and is the media hyping it up?
  3. DelhiDareDevil

    It is confirmed Sri Lanka Air Force to buy JF-17s

    Guess the price of this plane, makes it a viable option for such a small nation. Btw any links of this? if not thread should be closed
  4. DelhiDareDevil

    400 Chinese govt sites hacked by Pak groups

    hmm maybe targeting the communist regime?
  5. DelhiDareDevil

    Ironic rice of India

    If Bangladesh wants the benefits of money and rice and a metro system in dhaka etc. They should combine as one country instead!
  6. DelhiDareDevil

    Japanese firms plan to shift units to Pakistan from India

    who would shift they factory from booming India to Pal, when most parts of Pakistan, girls cant even get a education. ie. low skill level
  7. DelhiDareDevil

    Jaguar and Land Rovers to be built for first time in China Read more: http

    The deal backed by more than £1billion of investment also involves the creation of a completely separate range of vehicles – under a different 'domestic' brand name - developed jointly between JLR and Chery and targeted specifically at the Chinese market. The deal will see the creation of a new...
  8. DelhiDareDevil

    Minister sounds death knell for UK aid to rich nations: Greening axes £280m

    Minister sounds death knell for UK aid to rich nations: Greening axes £280m-a-year handout to India | Mail Online
  9. DelhiDareDevil

    Sino-Japanese Rift is part of US is part of US strategy, says an ex diploma

    China has a rift will almost every single significant nation around her tbh.
  10. DelhiDareDevil

    Shekhar Kapur to make film on Armenian genocide?

    Also like how USA was accused of dropping 2 Atom bombs on Japan too. I share your pain bro.
  11. DelhiDareDevil

    Vietnam´s Foreign Affairs

    hoped u applied the same logic to the Indian Ocean pmsl
  12. DelhiDareDevil

    India, Brazil & South Africa to Hold Joint Naval Drill “IBSAMAR”

    Nice to see the BR(IC)S nations co-operating!
  13. DelhiDareDevil

    Why did nobody mention India during Obama-Romney debate?

    From what I seen of the debates, Obama and Romney were more interested debating about enemies rather than allies. So they were talking a lot about Osama Bin Laden, terrorists and China.
  14. DelhiDareDevil

    One million tourists visit Pakistan this year

    Most likely 900,000 were of muslim descent
  15. DelhiDareDevil

    India once again becomes 10th largest economy in the World

    I believe India underground economy is bigger than $1.9 trillion in my eyes.
  16. DelhiDareDevil

    The rise of China & India

    From what we have seen in last 2-3 years: India - Peacemakers China - imperialist warmongers.
  17. DelhiDareDevil

    Karzai asks Pakistan to unite in “honest” fight against extremism

    Most of Pakistani politicians are more interested in Kashmir
  18. DelhiDareDevil

    Our economy best in S Asia: Governor

    Well done Bangladesh
  19. DelhiDareDevil

    India, Indonesia agree on defence cooperation

    Would be the best if Russia, India and Indo start sharing the same military stuff!
  20. DelhiDareDevil

    India, Russia to sign pact for hypersonic Brahmos

    Jealous Pakistan after Russia refused to supply Pakistan with their weapons. :woot: Jealous Pakistan after Russia refused to supply Pakistan with their weapons. :woot:

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