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  1. Engr786

    Airborne Early Warning Radar Systems

    Nothing but a flying radar just waiting for a stringer
  2. Engr786

    Millitary Technology

    Millitary technology updates
  3. Engr786

    US weapons & arms

    watch it for ........ VC-25A - Air Force One The mission of the VC-25A aircraft -- Air Force One -- is to provide air transport for the president of the United States. The presidential air transport fleet consists of two specially configured Boeing 747-200B's -- tail numbers 28000 and 29000 --...
  4. Engr786

    GEO news

    Pakistani media is now independent as it has all the authorities.. But the main ginats of news in pakistan are ARY & GEO news. Their duties are: 1) Urge politicians to fight 2) In a GEO news program which was held on 14&15aug 2007 uses a background flag of Pakistan with a star of 6 edges as...

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