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  1. Tempest II

    The Military Balance 2018

    The Military Balance 2018 here: https://www.iiss.org/-/media//silos/the%20military%20balance/military-balance-2018/mb2018-04-europe/mb2018%2004%20europe.pdf https://www.iiss.org/en/publications/military%20balance/issues/the-military-balance-2018-545f/mb2018-09-sub-saharan-africa-1-38f9...
  2. Tempest II

    JF-17 DACT Exercises

    Hi all. I have decided to open this thread to track and discuss Dissimilar air combat training (DACT) Exercises where the JF-17 has been involved. While on that thought I find it odd that PAC and CATIC, for all their marketing efforts are not leaking more information on such exercises.
  3. Tempest II

    Help with Translation

    Can someone please help translate this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Tempest II

    Ill defined performance parameters and how they mislead

    Was going through the Russian export weapons catalogue here: RosOboronExport and can across this below page. For the first time I have seen the marketing guys separate missile performance by target type. We see it a lot for the radar but not the missile. I am assuming here that beyond 50km the...
  5. Tempest II

    Missiles and Fighter Kinematics

    I have been thinking of missile ranges and speeds and how these factor into a fight and realising how speed/energy means survival. I have tried some rough calculations using a PL-9 as an example. I am not claiming this to be correct but this is my logic and seeking discussion. The low...
  6. Tempest II

    Middle East Military Balance

    Some data for different countries: INSS -
  7. Tempest II

    Arming AEW Planes with LRAAMs/MRAAMs

    Longer range and more reliable missiles are coming along, and sooner or later, BVR will be the norm. High off-bore missiles also becoming standard, there will be less need for high-G turns to point your nose and shoot. AEW planes are a hive of long range, high power sensor and guidance systems...
  8. Tempest II

    JF-17 Cutaway ... ...

    ... someone help and be kind enough ... please, please, please! ... ... :hitwall: :hitwall: :hitwall:
  9. Tempest II

    F-7 to JF-17 Conversion - How Long?

    A quick question: If you have a fully qualified F-7PG pilot and you need him to start flying a JF-17, approximately how long should the conversion take? Roughly? I am assuming the theory is just going through the differences between the planes, then a few simulator hours, then onto the new...
  10. Tempest II

    External Load RCS …is it that bad? Why?

    We discuss aircraft radar cross sections and say the Gripen, Eurofighter, Rafale, etc have radar cross sections below one. We then discuss the “fact” (???) that putting any external loads on these planes suddenly increases the radar cross section several times fold. Considering that...
  11. Tempest II

    Infra-Red Search & Track (IRST) Systems

    We have here and other forums threads discussing radars as primary sensors. However, with LO and VLO planes, IRST systems are getting more and more prominent as plug-and-play pods or as integrated systems that are designed and built as part of the aircraft from the start. Lets look and discuss...
  12. Tempest II

    JF-17 Radar Dome Size

    Using pixels I have taken two JF-17 side views and estimated the diameter of the radar dome/cover. I got 850mm from one photo and 880 from another. Here is how: I cropped the photo so I more or less capture the height = 4.77m You will notice this gave me 303 pixel 303 pixels for...
  13. Tempest II

    Here is Grifo S Brochure WITH RANGE.

    http://www.selex-sas.com/EN/Common/files/SELEX_Galileo/Products/GRIFO_S.pdf Look-up range = >50NM (92km) Enjoy!!
  14. Tempest II

    Is this a J-7 or J-8 with an SD-10

    Is this a J-7/F-7 or a J-8? Thanks.
  15. Tempest II

    JF-17 at Africa Air Defence 2010 Exhibition

    From: The SAAF Forum • View topic - AAD 2010 Aircraft , posted by gerard on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:19 pm
  16. Tempest II

    Why wouldn't the PAF be Evaluating PLAAF Flankers ... ....

    ... ... to understand its capabilities and limitations. I appriciate MKI and MKK are different somewhat but I believe the PLAAF will/could/do let PAF "strategists" "feel" the Flankers. ... ... Just a theory.
  17. Tempest II

    PAF VIPs Visiting UK ... ...?

    I took this photo today at 14:30 GMT as the plane was overflying Windsor castle, approaching Heathrow.
  18. Tempest II

    South African Cheetahs For Ecuador

    Source: The SAAF Forum • View topic - Cheetah C Sale to Ecuador... I post this article to support my own bias – which by the way is not saying it is factual wrong. If you read through this article, one revelation highlighted a few times is Ecuador’s fear that Denel/South Africa cannot...
  19. Tempest II

    Factual and Reliable resource

    I don’t know much about how this website operates but I would like to suggest that some factual pages be set-up and maintained outside the forum. I don’t know if I am the only one but sometimes the forums feed on rumors and misinformation. I would like to suggest, if possible, that pages be...

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