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  1. redgriffin

    Humsafar's OST

    This is the soundtrack of a serial which started last Saturday on HumTv. Just listen to the great deep lyrics & Qurat ul Ainn Baloch's powerful vocals. Simply brilliant. youtube.com/watch?gl=US&hl=en&client=mv-google&v=WpbstNJ5vGE&mobileflash=0
  2. redgriffin

    Favourite Disney Princess and sound track

    Ok who does not love Disney animated movies? Almost all of us fell in love with them as kids, some like me still are. What I want is for you people to post your favourite Disney Princess/es and favourite Disney song. I'll start off with my own. Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Colors Of The...
  3. redgriffin

    My grandmother passed away today

    My last alive grandparent, my nano passed away this morning. People just please pray for the maghfirat of her departed soul as a favour to this grieved muslim brother.

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