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  1. Yashal Jalil Chishti

    Defence and Martyrs Day

    “There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan” This #DefenceDay we salute the Ghazis and the brave soldiers who fought till the last breath to keep our flag high! [emoji1191] #سلام_شہداء_پاکستان #ہمیں_پیار_ہے_پاکستان_سے New YouTube video...
  2. Yashal Jalil Chishti

    Captain Safdar

    It seems like there are only three prisoners in #AdialaJail and politics is revolving around these humanitarians, Man why didn’t u change the standards of Jails in last 40 years? Okay i get it is main bi #establishment ki sazish hu gi #NawazSharif #CaptSafdar
  3. Yashal Jalil Chishti

    Talal Chaudry

    Noon league has become that #whatsapp group which initially was very active but everyone started leaving it 1 by 1 and the only person left on the group will become admin and that would probably be Mamnoon Hussain #TallalChaudry disqualified for 5 years. #SupremeCourt
  4. Yashal Jalil Chishti


    PPP has managed to convince PML-N, MMA & other hostile parties to stop the boycott of parliament & instead raise their voice against rigging from there. No matter how much I differ with the policies of PPP, there is one thing for sure that they believe in the power of #democracy.
  5. Yashal Jalil Chishti

    I am Yashal Jalil

    Hi everyone, hope you are well and enjoying every moment of your life. I am Yashal Jalil: writer, blogger, photographer, filmmaker, Youtuber and a social activist. I am here to share my views and persuade others to believe what is right. Here's a patriotic Pakistani ready to listen to your...
  6. Yashal Jalil Chishti

    United we win!

    Pakistan; a country with variety of cultures, a country where people are free to express their views but among all this are we United? We are scattered into groups...Faith, Discipline and Unity...Do we remember our teachings? Here's a short video with a deep message. Share your views.
  7. Yashal Jalil Chishti


    While Hamza Shehbaz is requesting Imran to give him #Punjab , the independents are all set to join and help PTI make the government in Punjab. Naya Punjab!

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