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  1. Echo_419

    Engineering students request Mann Ki Baat from PM Modi on Valentine's Day

    New Delhi: After Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked people to send suggestions for the topic for his next Mann Ki Baat, he has received thousands of letters from engineering students across India asking him to do a special Mann Ki Baat on Valentine’s Day. Modi listening to Mann ki...
  2. Echo_419

    Can Internet Memes cause wars?

    So, what is a Meme? A Meme is “an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”. The term “meme” was coined by Richard Dawkins and can trace its roots to as far back as World War II where a graffitied image known as “killroy was here” became a common sight in...
  3. Echo_419

    We did a India Vs Pakistan Artillery Strength analysis, The results were unexpected

    since the previous thread was closed due to trolling Napoleon famously said “God fights on the side with the best artillery.” In the Indian context this was proven correct when the FH-77B 155 mm/39-caliber towed howitzer pounded the Pakistanis positions into submission during Kargil war...
  4. Echo_419

    Highway Construction, Cargo, Power Gen record growth: Eco Survey

  5. Echo_419

    Come budget, digital pay will be less taxing for customers

    BENGALURU: The government will make it cheaper for people to transact digitally through taxation measures for digital payments as it aims to transform the way Indians pay for goods and services. It will be part of a series of measures to further thedemonetisation exercise underway since November...
  6. Echo_419

    Russia, India sign contract to supply S-400 missile defense system – senior official

  7. Echo_419

    India Please Don’t Sign LEMOA

    The NDA government is about to sign on a logistics exchange agreement a.k.a LEMOA (Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement), which is a tweaked version of LSA (Logistics Support Agreement) which facilitates the provision of logistical support, supplies and services between the US military...
  8. Echo_419

    Why India needs to reduce the size of its Army

    Let's discuss @Abingdonboy @ranjeet @Nilgiri @kasper95 @GURU DUTT
  9. Echo_419

    An analysis of China-Pakistan Economic corridor

    An analysis of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Background The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a ongoing development Infrastructure project which aims to transform the Pakistani economy by connecting Gwadar Port in southwestern Pakistan to China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang...
  10. Echo_419

    This is my 9000 post

    Yeah,pata hi nahi chala itna timehogaya PDF pe
  11. Echo_419

    India unveils Rotavirus vaccine, claimed to be cheapest

    India unveils Rotavirus vaccine, claimed to be cheapest - The Economic Times
  12. Echo_419

    China backs bigger role for India, Brazil at UNSC

    BEIJING: China today said it respects the aspirations of India and Brazil to play bigger roles at the UN Security Council, while keeping mum on Japan's candidature. About the Indian and Brazilian applications to become permanent members, China respects the willingness of the two countries to...
  13. Echo_419

    Indian firm says it has developed 4 advanced radar systems By PTI | 2 Feb, 2015, 03.47PM ISTPost a C

    NEW DELHI: An Indian company today claimed to have indigenously developed four advanced dual-use radar systems capable of 3D bird detection and deterrence, besides UAV tracker and foliage penetration, a first for the domestic defence industry. The radars would have a global launch in the...
  14. Echo_419

    Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover to add 1,300 new jobs in UK

    LONDON: Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is set to announce 1,300 new jobs at its UK plant to build a new car model, as the upmarket manufacturer enters the booming sports utility vehicle (SUV) segment. The additional workforce, intended for its Solihull plant in the West Midlands...
  15. Echo_419

    US economy grows at 5% in Q3; Strongest in more than a decade

    The US economy grew at five per cent in the third quarter, the fastest in more than a decade, due to strong job growth, increased domestic consumption and business investment, a government agency said today. “The strong GDP growth is consistent with a broad range of other indicators showing...
  16. Echo_419

    Qatar prince ready to invest Rs 1 lakh crore in 10 smart cities

    The government may be inviting the Americans, Chinese and Japanese to invest in India, but there is one person who is ready to alone put in as much as Rs 1 lakh crore over the next five years. Enthused with the new government’s spirited approach towards new investment, Prince of Qatar Sheikh...
  17. Echo_419

    Kerala School Drops Vande Mataram from I-Day Programme as Radical Group Objects

    In an incident that reeks of growing Taliban-like radicalism, a school in Kerala had to edit out the Vande Mataram song from its Independence Day programme on Friday, following threats from a political party that it is against the religious beliefs of a community. The school management also...
  18. Echo_419

    Happy Independence day to all

    Happy Independence day to all of you
  19. Echo_419

    Xi may visit India in Sept, to boost ties on agenda

    Improving Sino-India economic ties will top the agenda for discussion when Chinese president Xi Jinping visits India next month. Advertisement Though the dates for Xi's visit have not been officially announced yet, it is likely that he will head to India in September. Xi is also likely to club...
  20. Echo_419

    DRDO news letter August 2014


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