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    Indians in pictures

    Ignore the sunglass troll guys.
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    Afghan delegation gets an insight into Gujarat.

    Afghan delegation gets an insight into Gujarat. TNN | Oct 19, 2012, 10.32PM IST Article Palanpur: From garba to dairy farming to the development model, they are getting a first hand experience of Gujarat. The administration is hosting 16 district governors from Afghanistan these days who...
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    US seal on India’s key role in rebuilding Afghanistan.

    US seal on India’s key role in rebuilding Afghanistan. TNN | Oct 20, 2012, 08.40PM IST Article NEW DELHI: India built the Zaranj-Delaram road connecting Afghanistan to Iran in 2008. Four years later, India is being courted to replicate the successful project to connect Afghanistan to its...
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    1962 War:A war China Won only to lose.

    A war China won only to lose. For India, the lesson of 1962 is that to secure peace, it must be ready to defend it, even by war Brahma Chellaney First Published: Wed, Oct 17 2012. 08 32 PM IST This month marks the 50th anniversary of China’s attack on India, the only war Communist...
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    Indians in pictures

    Upper Pullu. Malana Village Girls: Acc to some they were greks centuries ago:
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    Indians in pictures

    Turtuk Village,India:
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    Eid-ul-azha : Cattle price high in city markets

    I visited Gadhimai in Nepal in 2009 where they slaughtered 20,000 buffaloes in a day.I was bored to death. BTW ,I saw preserved human heads in a Tangsa village in Nagaland. Anyways when you behead a human alive his eyes remain open but I think when you behead a buffalo/cow it's eyes remain...
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    India pledges zero casualties on Bangladesh border

    I think this is a good move.Ruber bullets and tasers are the solution.
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    Deepening Economic Doubts in India

    Kiddo, Your Link is from-Wed, Jul 18 2012. 12 54 AM IST whereas Akash.A's link is from:Sept 28 2012 20:14 IST :mod:
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    Will India and China fight a war again?

    And asad71 will remain a retard.
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    Mig 29 AESA upgrade for IAF

    Remember when our IAF chief was in Russia he spent hours on the presentation of the Zhuk AESA radar for MiG-35 acc Russian Radio English News(VOR) even though everybody knew it was out of MMRCA. This was probably for MiG-29's. IAF Mirages and IN MiG-29K's may also get AESA upgrade in the...
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    China Economy Forum

    China’s Manufacturing Shrinks for 11th Month, HSBC PMI Shows. By Bloomberg News - Sep 29, 2012 8:34 AM GMT+0530 China’s manufacturing contracted for an 11th straight month, a private survey found, increasing pressure on the government to counter a deepening slowdown in the world’s...
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    India's Rupee: Asia's Worst-Performing Currency

    China stocks touch 3-year low in downbeat Asia - MarketWatch Weekly Review: Indices end at 14-month closing highs
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    China forced to source Indian leather.

    China forced to source Indian leather. Sushma U N, TNN | Sep 28, 2012, 03.30AM IST CHENNAI: From competitor to customer, from threat to opportunity - the leather trade between India and China has come a full circle. Rising production costs and labour issues are pushing the Chinese to look...
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    India balance of Payment's in positive again.$ 500 million surplus.

    India's balance of payments returns to surplus in April-June 22:40:51 IDT Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:04pm IST * India posts $0.5 billion balance of payment surplus April-June * Figure was $5.7 bln deficit in previous quarter * Current account deficit falls to $16.55 bln from all-time high of...
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    List of ALL Indian Arms Imports since 1950.

    This data has been complied by SIPRI and can be viewed on their website by anybody.
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    List of ALL Indian Arms Imports since 1950.

    SIPRI will update the list again in December 2012.

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