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    Chairman "Move On" party Mian Kamran Arrested

    The chairperson of party behind controversial posters has been arrested by the authorities. The person was hiding in a rest house in Aabpara, Islamabad. Civil judge has given a 2 days remand for investigation. Police and agencies are said to be investigating the matter but the accused hasn't...
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    COAS called PM twice, conveyed his best wishes for speedy recovery

    COAS Gen Raheel Sharif called PM Nawaz Sharif twice in london and conveyed his best wishes for speedy recovery. First call was made before the PM underwent surgery, The military attache in London also presented the PM with a bouquet. Furthermore, COAS's wife also called Maryam Nawaz to inquire...
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    Pakistan award 2 Billion $ LNG pipeline contract to sanctions hit Russian Firm

    ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Law has given the go-ahead for the award of $2 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipeline contract to the energy firm designated by Russia, though the US has slapped sanctions on the company, officials say. The approval comes after the Russian government signed a...
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    Rifts erupt in PTI Punjab, again

    Tug war intensify between Ch Serwer and Aleem Khan group. SMQ and JKT coming closer but the power struggle between the leadership in Punjab is making things worse from Imran Khan who is maintaining a policy of pleasing everyone.
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    Naya KPK, Police and informers involved in Extortion, Traders tell IGP

    The traders of Kharkhanu market have demanded that the policemen and informers involved in extortion be brought to justice. According to the traders association, dozens of informers also collect extortion money from traders which is hurting their business. They also said that such incidents of...
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    After 5 MNAs, 20 MPAs also rebel against CM Khattak

    Another 20 MPAs of PTI has joined the rebelling band of 5 MNAs demanding accountability of CM Khattak. The MPAs has decided not to participate in the budget approval proceedings. Imran Khan has started firefighting by calling the dissenting MNAs/MPAs for a meeting. The party has threatened that...
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    Hearing on Aleem Khan's forged declaration deferred due to Stay Order

    For the fourth time, ECP had to defer the hearing against forged affidavits of Aleem Khan due to a stay order from LHC. PML-N's parliamentarian Mariam Orangzaib while condeming Aleem Khan for hiding behind the stay orders, also demanded from ECP to investigate the party fund misappropriation case
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    Imran Khan angered by PTI MNA's revolt against Khattak

    Imran Khan has been angered by actions of revolting parliamentarians against CM Khattak. Has asked them to submit the details of their allegations and proofs within 7 days to chairman secretariat. Imran was irked by the action what he deemed against the party discipline of not taking internal...
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    Govt bringing law on declaration of foreign assets

    ISLAMABAD - The government is working to formulate a new law in the country to bring transparency in the declaration of foreign assets after the Panamagate scandal. “We have started exercises from April 21, and with consultation of the State Bank, the FBR and Securities and Exchange Commission...
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    Proposals to deter foreign companies from tax evasion

    ISLAMABAD: The government has proposed an amendment in the income tax law to plug a loophole, due to which foreign companies and their local associates have been avoiding billions of rupees in income taxes by inflating the cost of goods sold by the legal entities of an enterprise. The amendment...
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    Mian Arshad Islamabad—Pakistan likely to win the status of signatory of membership of Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) by August this year. After becoming member, Pakistan will have access to tax evaders in almost 34 members of the international organization...
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    PTI's Naeemul Haque defends calling Mullah Mansour 'martyr'

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) spokesman Naeemul Haque on Thursday defended his stance over calling Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Mansour a 'martyr'. "Fighting to liberate your homeland is a just cause," Naeem told Dawn.com, a day after he spoke on a television show and called the head...
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    Barrister Sultan Mehmood served show cause for misappropriating party funds.

    PTI issues show cause notice to barrister Sultan Mahmood for misappropriating party funds. He has been accused of receiving both foreign funding as well as party ticket fee in his personal account instead of party's account, something which party regulations deny.
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    Fire the BoK MD or we leave the alliance, Jamat threatens the PTI

    Responding to the political move by PTI in attempting to frame Jamat's Provincial Finance Minister, JI has refused to allow the matter go under the mat and has demanded PTI to fire the MD Bank of Khayber else Jamat can part her ways from the allied government...
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    ECP releases Partywise Vote Bank break up: Interesting comparisons

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    KPK Govt Hushes BoK scam: No one to be held responsible.

    Partners in Crime, flock togather :lol:
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    Outsourcing the Rats of Peshawar

    On the other hand And this is the specialty of Vitamin group.

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