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  1. alimobin memon

    Boeing granted patent for B1 lancer Gunship

    http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/20782/boeings-been-granted-a-patent-for-turning-the-b-1b-into-a-gunship-bristling-with-cannons U.S. Patent 9,963,231 B2 was awarded on May 8th to Boeing. It depicts a number of cannon configurations that can be stowed in a B-1B's weapons bays and extended...
  2. alimobin memon

    11 killed in fire at Karachi's Regent Plaza hotel

    Dear Members, tonight regent plaza caught fire. My father was there Thank God he is fine, but sadly my father and the other dg health members who were there for a meeting and presentation regarding some health project among them some are rumored dead please pray for the ones who are injured and...
  3. alimobin memon

    Heard this on facebook regarding rangers and student

    Rangers are very critical part of security they should not be interrupted while on duty or taken pictures of while performing their duties. This is what a student has posted and many people have shared this post, its one sided story so no conclusion can be made yet but please read it and...
  4. alimobin memon

    True Face of Sharmeen Obaid

    Sad to hear this I knew this oscar winner is just for fame !
  5. alimobin memon

    GBU-62B(V-1)/B Quickstrike-ER alike for Pakistan Airforce

    GBU-62B(V-1)/B Quickstrike-ER alike for Pakistan Airforce Read this Get Ready, China and Iran: American Naval Super Mines Are Coming | The National Interest & Please read this...
  6. alimobin memon

    Unknown email Need some confirmation

    This is the email I got I dont understand this ... i dont know any iraqi man who the hell is he ? Should I report to police ? First of all I want to thank you for considering my proposal. One aspect I will like to talk about is PARTNERSHIP. I strongly believe in the power and spirit of...
  7. alimobin memon

    WarGame: Red Dragon

    Wargame: Red Dragon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Not sure if right place to post just did it admin redirect it if its at wrong area :) Wargame: Red Dragon is a real time strategy game. The point of posting it in defence.pk forum is that the game is all about the strategy. In the...
  8. alimobin memon

    WW2 Remastered in color :)

    I have been working on remastering WW2 Black N white Pictures to color Here is first one :) Hope you like it if u want more I can do it :) -Original -Remastered
  9. alimobin memon

    Pakistan armed forces capable to tackle the enemies or not ?

    Assallam O Allaikum, First of all I don't know the right place to post this thread, Sorry if it is wrong section. I have several questions to ask on what I have been hearing these days from very authentic sources. 1. Are we better as compared to 1971 or Kargil in terms of conventional war...
  10. alimobin memon

    Pentagon | F-35 Delayed after fourth Prototype became 'Self-Aware' and had to be destroyed.

    THE PENTAGON — The military’s problematic F-35 fighter jet is facing more delays related to “software issues,” as project engineers were forced to euthanize the fourth prototype to gain self-awareness on Monday. According to Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, who heads the Pentagon’s F-35...
  11. alimobin memon

    Can anyone guess which binocular is this and how old design is it ?

    What I have found is that this Binocular is porro prism and is almost same as some carl zeiss's binocular design dated back in 1900's. This design production stopped in late late 1910's. It has 8x zoom.
  12. alimobin memon

    I need help with Ebay ...

    Guys I dont know whats the Best place to ask but this. I recently Bought an item on ebay I thought like simple Online shops it had Cash on delivery system. But it has something Paypal system. But Now I want to cancel the deal but I cant. Their is no policy of cancellation on ebay. Will they...
  13. alimobin memon

    Possible Al Khalid 2 Design Found on the BillBoard of army selection !

    The tank Seems like related to altay MBT... The Design is Complete 3d Textured though !
  14. alimobin memon

    Alternate solution for Pakistan Navy to counter Large Navies ?

    Does Large Number of Cruise and Ballistic Missile might be the answer to counter Large Threats Like india in Naval Role? Missile Defense’s Real Enemy: Math | Flashpoints Read This article although this has no pakistan mentioned but it does make a point if force like Paksitan navy cant buy...
  15. alimobin memon

    You cant Go to Israel that means you cant go to palestine ?

    My question is to all if u cant go to Israel According to Pakistani Passport the Passport is allowed everywhere except ISRAEL... Since the closest airport to Palestine is Israel and sea port under Israel control then how do any can get to Palestine ? I want to visit Palestine ....
  16. alimobin memon

    Pakistan Today

    Dear friends, 1.Pakistanis are happier than Indian, Bangladeshi and Chinese - according to a U.N. report. 2.After Maldives Pakistan has the cheapest oil price in South Asia 3. PM-EX has posted highest ever trading volume 4.The decrease of the rate of rise of prices of goods was estimated 4...
  17. alimobin memon

    Agha Waqar's Possible Aspect by Ali Mobin memon

    http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/4428385/water-fuelled-car-pdf-587k?dn=y&dnad=y Please Read And share i have given a possible aspect that Agha waqar invention maybe right No trolling i get hurt :undecided: Admin please dont delete it if u think it is same as others because it is different if u...
  18. alimobin memon

    PAF's MBDA-SPADA 2000 Surface to Air Missile System.

    What are the Capabilities of SPADA 2000 that pakistan inducted it ... Spada 2000 Air Defence Missile System - Army Technology How well can it perform against the modern threats like Indian modern fighters like RAFALE AND MKI
  19. alimobin memon

    Hamza missile to destroy Drone's by Qadeer Khan ?

    US drone can be shot down with Hamza missile: Dr AQ Khan | The News Tribe Hamza Missile Can Destroy US Drone: Dr. Qadeer Khan
  20. alimobin memon

    Pakistan soon to Recieve J10 and 6 Subs from China

    China to Deliver Fighter Jets, Marines to Pakistan | PakSoldiers China to Deliver Fighter Jets, Marines to Pakistan March 22, 2012By Ghulam Sarwar Islamabad - Putting aside international pressure, China has assured Pakistan to continue work on two nuclear power plants of Chashma 3 and...

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