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    China's first aircraft -carrier

    Sri Lanka Guardian: China's first aircraft -carrier
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    ????????-10B?????????_????_???? who wants to translate?
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    Pakistan to Launch Urdu Sesame Street

    BBC News - US to fund $20m remake of Sesame Street for Pakistan
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    Liger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :fie:
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    Indian Army Captain detained over probe into 'ISI links'

    Indian Army Captain detained over probe into 'ISI links' Updated on Monday, January 31, 2011, 14: Chandigarh: An Army Captain has been detained by police in Chandimandir Cantonment near here for his interrogation in connection with his possible links to Pakistani spy agency ISI...
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    To the Bengalis - Was it worth it?

    Was it worth it becoming an independent country in 1971? Or do you believe now that it was a mistake?
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    Indian, Iranian unease over Pak-Afghan warming relations

    India, Iran distrustful of renewed Afghan-Pakistan ties By Rajiv Chandrasekaran Washington Post Foreign Service Friday, July 23, 2010; 2:54 PM NEW DELHI -- Recent moves by Afghanistan and Pakistan to improve their once-frosty relationship have prompted deep concern in other countries...
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    True Face of Pakistan

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