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    Former MPA Majeed Achakzai - new addition to UNTOUCHABLE

    The justice system of Pakistan becoming unacceptable and needs complete overhauling. Presently it seems to be as two pronged system - one prong for elite/VIP class to project them above the law - other prong seems to be in the @$$ of commoners to increase their pain and agony, which is a bit...
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    Droning Mullah Fazalullah ... Pervez Hoodbhoy

    Droning Mullah Fazalullah PERVEZ HOODBHOY — UPDATED ABOUT 3 HOURS AGO The writer teaches physics in Islamabad and Lahore. In Pakistan, anger has greeted the killing of Afghan Taliban head, Mullah Mansour, by an American drone on Pakistani territory. When senior US officials visited army chief...

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