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  1. Hexciter

    Pakistan Bulk Buying CH-4 Killer Drones From China

    Sure! https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/29324/only-one-of-iraqs-chinese-ch-4b-drones-is-mission-capable-as-other-buyers-give-up-on-them
  2. Hexciter

    Pakistan Bulk Buying CH-4 Killer Drones From China

    Are you sure? https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/why-no-one-wants-buy-chinas-ch-4-killer-drone-anymore-92546 https://www.flightglobal.com/helicopters/jordan-military-tries-to-sell-off-knock-off-chinese-drones/132985.article
  3. Hexciter

    Çay Bahçesi

    They are not need to promote the other one here anymore as everyone learnt already where they are as a simple googling reveals their place and that why you don’t ban more. I’m not sure that you exactly know what happened actually.
  4. Hexciter

    Çay Bahçesi

    They are asking for what happened before, not after!
  5. Hexciter

    Çay Bahçesi

    Ask this question to the forumers, especially to so called mods
  6. Hexciter

    Çay Bahçesi

    Why you quoting leaved members?
  7. Hexciter

    Turkish Small Arms Industry | Updates and Discussions

    Bullshit... Is the Turkish citizens looking for hunting gun in a Pakistani forum?
  8. Hexciter

    Turkish Naval Programs

    The new I-class frigate
  9. Hexciter

    Turkish Defence Industry Exports & Updates

    It should be Panstir+Buk killer
  10. Hexciter

    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    Turkey’s drones are battle tested and ready for export By: Kelsey D. Atherton Turkey launched a coordinated mass of drone strikes March 1 against a Syrian military convoy and base. Nineteen people were killed in the attack. It was, at once, a debut moment for a long-in-the-works drone capability...
  11. Hexciter

    Turkish Missile Programs

    Hisar-A defence system will be delivered in the 1st half of 2020 and will be deployed on to the Syrian border immediately
  12. Hexciter

    Turkish Defence Industry Exports & Updates

    Amphibious Assault Earthmover have been exported to Philippines
  13. Hexciter

    Turkish Land Vehicle Programs

    MAV (Marine Assault Vehicle)
  14. Hexciter

    Turkish Missile Programs

    From Tübitak-SAGE’s twitter account
  15. Hexciter

    Altay & Turkish Main Battle Tank Programs

    What’s more on this:
  16. Hexciter

    Turkish Directed Energy Weapons

    Aselsan’s EMG “Tufan” implementions for naval and land applications
  17. Hexciter

    Turkish Defence Industry Exports & Updates

    SSB Ismail Demir: The second S-400 system (fleet) will be put into operation after 2020 due to the continued discussion of joint production issues with Russia. Turkey needs more than 4 long-range SAM fleets. We'll see SIPER in 2022. The range of HISAR-A will be 15 km and the range of...

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