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  1. Mujahid Memon

    Children Rights International NGO promoting pedophilia

    Recently I came across this pdf document from an NGO "Girls not Brides". Apparently they are working to stop or reduce child and forced marriages but in this article one can see that how they are hideously promoting child sex and arguing against the age of consent laws. Link...
  2. Mujahid Memon

    Eid ul Fitr 2021 Moon sighted in Pakistan

    Breaking: Eid ul Fitr 2021 Moon sighted in Pakistan, announced by Moon sighting committee
  3. Mujahid Memon

    Poll: Causes of Late Marriages in Pakistan

    The average age of marriage seems to be increasing gradually for both men and women. Mid to late thirties for men and late twenties for women has become a norm typically in urban areas of Pakistan. Well there are many reasons as listed in poll but in my opinion the unrealistic expectations both...
  4. Mujahid Memon

    Pakistan’s revenge p0*n law is stronger than most. For one woman, that made no difference

    https://restofworld.org/2021/pakistans-revenge-****-law-is-stronger-than-most-for-one-woman-that-made-no-difference/ Revenge ****, a term that often refers to the online distribution of sexual images by former lovers, has become part and parcel of the modern internet experience around the...
  5. Mujahid Memon

    10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax

    Every indication clearly points to last Sunday’s raid being a manufactured ploy to return Americans to a state of post-9/11 intellectual castration Merely a week after President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, there is literally a deluge of evidence that clearly indicates...
  6. Mujahid Memon

    Can AJK/GB citizens buy property in the rest of Pakistan???

    Mainland Pakistani citizens cannot buy property in Azad Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan but I cannot find anything that proves (or disproves) that this rule also holds true for vice versa?
  7. Mujahid Memon

    This is not my secret, it's yours...

    One in 10 people in France says they are victims of incest, according to a poll conducted by IPSOS. It is defined as sexual relations between two people who are so closely related that marriage between them would be legally prohibited, such as between siblings or stepparents and stepchildren...
  8. Mujahid Memon

    French court rules that sex with 13-year-old girl can’t be tried as rape

    By Antonia Noori Farzan March 19, 2021 at 8:15 p.m. GMT+5 France’s top court has rejected a bid to pursue rape charges against a group of firefighters accused of repeatedly raping a girl known as “Julie” during a period between her 13th and 15th birthdays. The men will instead be charged with...
  9. Mujahid Memon

    France allows girls to consent to sex at 15, but bans hijab until 18

    France appears set to make the lives of Muslim women harder with additional laws on what they are allowed to wear. France's anti-Islam laws could be about to make the lives of Muslims much...
  10. Mujahid Memon

    Federal Minister stands up for women against regressive, anti-Islam practices

    English translation: Marriage of one's own free will is the basic right of every girl. Islam gives rights to women. Marriage of choice is central to these rights. University administration should reconsider its decision, it is against Islam to consider women as properties. See our beloved...
  11. Mujahid Memon

    Any CON-WW3 players here???

    A few days ago I started playing this online strategy game called Conflict of Nations: World War 3 Quick Intro and video: Conflict of Nations: World War III is a military themed online real-time grand-strategy game set in the late 20th and early 21st century – fielding from 1980s cold war to...
  12. Mujahid Memon

    Muslim girl sent home from school, told skirt is ‘too long’

    Where are feminists when you need them the most

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