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  1. Mujahid Memon

    Troll Fest:Bharatis are Sad that Netanyahu Didn't Include Indian Flag in his Tweet

    Overcharged in kargil And Total Choona in Balakot
  2. Mujahid Memon

    Teenage girl raped by elder brother in Larkana

    I feel so sad for her. How can she mentally handle it, being a mother of rape victim and rapist at the same time
  3. Mujahid Memon

    Children Rights International NGO promoting pedophilia

    Recently I came across this pdf document from an NGO "Girls not Brides". Apparently they are working to stop or reduce child and forced marriages but in this article one can see that how they are hideously promoting child sex and arguing against the age of consent laws. Link...
  4. Mujahid Memon

    YouTube Live Streaming of PTV Channels started

    Desperately need a scientific/documentary channel of the likes of National Geographic and Discovery
  5. Mujahid Memon

    Possibility of Guerilla Warfare Against Israel?

    The present rockets vs Israeli iron dome is a war of attrition. Israel using highly expensive AA missiles against dirt cheap Hamas rockets. Of course the israeli airstrikes cause huge casualties for Palestinians.
  6. Mujahid Memon

    India to deploy Tejas aircraft on the western front by mid of this year (likely Srinagar)

    is dafa chai k sath fantastic samosa bhi paish kiya jayega
  7. Mujahid Memon

    How can it be eid today

    Can you give me any reference from Quran or Hadith?
  8. Mujahid Memon

    Facebook's support for Israel

    I can confirm its true
  9. Mujahid Memon

    How can it be eid today

    That is my point too. Either entire globe celebrate Eid together on the basis of moon sighting at only a certain region since we have communication technologies that enable us to broadcast in a fraction of second globally, or every city/village etc celebrate their own Eid based on local moon...
  10. Mujahid Memon

    How can it be eid today

    So you think its okay if there are multiple eid celebrations in country? Cause some cities/regions will have moon sighted and some not due to geographical or weather conditions.
  11. Mujahid Memon

    How can it be eid today

    The fact that there was no communication technology at Prophet S.A.W's time. Today we are living in a centralized world, so there is room for Ijtehad
  12. Mujahid Memon

    How can it be eid today

    What if the moon sighted in Lahore but not in Karachi? Should Karachi people celebrate Eid based on Lahore's moon sighting or wait for next day?
  13. Mujahid Memon

    Eid ul Fitr 2021 Moon sighted in Pakistan

    Breaking: Eid ul Fitr 2021 Moon sighted in Pakistan, announced by Moon sighting committee
  14. Mujahid Memon

    French Obsession and Colonial Oppression against the Muslim Woman's Hijab

    They never said anything against non-hijabi women. In fact they employ non-hijabi Western cloth wearing reporters. So what point do you want to make? That she can wear anything she likes. Misogynists can go fuq themselves similarly jeans, pants, shirts, t-shirts etc They were all cruel...
  15. Mujahid Memon

    Poll: Causes of Late Marriages in Pakistan

    Education and earning can also be done after marriage. As for the children, contraceptives and birth control pills are easily and cheaply available, we are not living in 16th century. A couple marrying in their early 20's can easily delay child birth until their late 20's while focus on...
  16. Mujahid Memon

    Poll: Causes of Late Marriages in Pakistan

    As a boy agree with you 101%. Also most of the times the demands for a super richass dude are not from the girl herself but from her family members.

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