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  1. gangsta_rap

    Featured Twitter censored tweets critical of India’s handling of the pandemic at its government’s request

    Tweets from government officials and other high-profile people were among those removed Twitter has removed more than 50 tweets critical of the Indian government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and did so at the request of the Indian government. First reported by Indian news site...
  2. gangsta_rap

    [Video] Trump's Biggest Failure

    A very good take on Trump's terrible attempt to reverse the millennia long trade relations that had been paved between China and the world. P.S certain white americans probably don't have the capacity to grasp this. Can't blame them though given the state of their country's education system.
  3. gangsta_rap

    Use of M-16 rifles in East Pakistan (1971)

    I ran into one of @DESERT FIGHTER 's posts regarding this from a while back. A very interesting point if true. I wonder if more evidence can be gathered. Here is an excerpt from the book that was mentioned with respect to this( DEAD RECKONING Memories of the 1971 Bangladesh War by Sarmila Bose)...
  4. gangsta_rap

    Interesting Point Regarding the Great Arab Revolt

    A good many Pakistanis think of the Arab revolt during WW1 as some grand betrayal against the Ottomans. In truth by the time the revolt began the Turkish state was firmly under the control of the CUP society which had a very strong ethnic nationalist component to it. The behavior of this...
  5. gangsta_rap

    PMIK & Hamid Gul in the mid 90s threatened to kidnap Edhi

    A stark reminder to those who continue to deny PMIK's true nature..
  6. gangsta_rap

    Risk of vouching for Turkiye in Op. Peace Spring

    Op. Peace Spring seems to have brought the Sunni gulf states and Turkiye at odds. KSA and the UAE have condemned the intervention and this episode adds itself as another event where these two power countries have butted heads agains Turkiye in the mid east. YPG/PKK elements have found sympathy...
  7. gangsta_rap

    Bilawal Bhutto Going at it again...PPP should be staright up banned at this point.

    Look below: India is quoting Bilawal's nonsense again. How does the Pakistani political AND military apparatus tolerate this? Honestly ban PPP already and declare it as an illegal movement. Enough is enough. 'Forget Srinagar, save Muzaffarabad': Bilawal Bhutto Zardari lashes out at Imran...
  8. gangsta_rap

    Lessons from Israel in the 50s - The Kishon Article & Kashmir

    Looking back at history, there are a few parallels in history that could help in guiding Pakistan through the tough time that we are witnessing today. In the early decades of Israel's existence the new found country was surrounded by incredibly aggressive neighbors that had a greater level of...
  9. gangsta_rap

    RARE - Shahid Masood Interview of Brahamdagh Bugti 2005

    Figured I would share these:
  10. gangsta_rap

    Alleged UAE spy kills himself in Istanbul prison, Turkish state media says

    Alleged UAE spy kills himself in Istanbul prison, Turkish state media says By Kareem Khadder and Isil Sariyuce, CNN Updated 2:56 PM ET, Mon April 29, 2019 Silivri Prison's main entrance gate where a man arrested on suspicion of spying for the United Arab Emirates in Turkey allegedly...
  11. gangsta_rap

    Pakistani Arid BDU in Tajikistani Service

    Any confirmation if this really is Pakistani camo and gearin Tajik use?
  12. gangsta_rap

    Why The Media Is At War With Saudi Arabia

    Most news consumers understand that media, in general, plays favorites. They cheer on and protect Designated Heroes, and with seemingly boundless energy relish every opportunity to assail Designated Villains. We’ve long known, from polling and other quantifiable metrics, that journalists have...
  13. gangsta_rap

    UAE, India set to enjoy exponential growth

    The UAE's aggressive approach to bolster its trade ties with its top trading partner India seems to have further deepened as both nations have now moved from policy formation to practically implementing in action to see the figures grow many fold by introducing initiatives that cement bilateral...
  14. gangsta_rap

    What does 'Do more' even mean??? NYT writers are brainlets...

    Excerpt from this article: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/05/world/asia/mike-pompeo-pakistan-imran-khan.html In the same silly article they contradict on what the US' demands are. Confrontation against the Taliban or peace??? Do these folks even know what they are talking about? The...
  15. gangsta_rap


    THIRTEEN HOURS BEFORE Secretary of State Rex Tillerson learned from the presidential Twitter feed that he was being fired, he did something that President Donald Trump had been unwilling to do. Following a phone call with his British counterpart, Tillerson condemneda deadly nerve agent attack in...
  16. gangsta_rap

    Israeli/Mossad involvement in U.S gun Lobby - Why doesn't anyone talk about this?

    This is insane...the public really needs to wake up
  17. gangsta_rap

    Fatima Bhutto: Imran Khan is only a player in the circus run by Pakistan’s military

    As the nation elects its next leader, it is a tragedy that such hopeful people are offered this glut of shoddy candidates Tue 24 Jul 2018 14.03 EDTLast modified on Tue 24 Jul 2018 17.46 EDT Shares 9,800 Imran Khan addresses supporters during in Lahore on 23 July. Photograph: KM Chaudary/AP...
  18. gangsta_rap

    genda having a hard time

    Daily Publications | Daily Ummat Karachi provides latest news in urdu language. hahahahha altafists
  19. gangsta_rap

    Imran Khan's nephew in row over 'homophobic' tweets

    The nephew of Pakistani polititian Imran Khan has sparked controversy at his university, after he tweeted that a politician was "worse than a faggot". Hassan Niazi, who is studying for a master's in international human rights law at City University London, was a canditate for the position of...

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